Machine Gun Dany, 8-0 Sack Of Lannisport (31ppl)

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Lance2983 72

Just burn stuff and win.


siegeszug 288

Probably a good deck, but absolutely no fun to play against, because Burn is just ridiculous atm. I don't know, if this amount of kill is good for the game really.

Lance2983 72

In truth I totally agree siegezug. But in a meta where Mace+Hightower=no fun or Martel+Flea Bottom=no fun or So many different things can = no fun. I personally feel that the competitive meta is crap right now. So I built this for fun since I have fun burning characters. 100% didn’t think I’d win at the tournament, figured I’d go 2-3 like I normally do.

matteus 14

It was fun to play against you! This was a tough deck to beat.