FFG House Martell Intro Deck - The Vipers of Sunspear

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Kakita_Shiro 773

Easy reference for anyone who wants to build this deck before the product comes out.

"Similar to the Tyrells, the House Martell Intro Deck features a heavy focus on manipulation. But where the desire of the Tyrells is born of ambition, the Martells are interested solely in revenge. Patient and cunning, this deck features cards like Maester Caleotte and His Viper Eyes that focus on the long game, punishing your opponent for winning challenges. While your opponent may get out a fast start, you can bide your time until your moment to strike, then swing the game in your favor, leaving no time to for your enemy to form a counterstrategy.

This deck also immerses you in the vengeful theme and story of the House by exploring the Sand Snake trait. Oberyn Martell fathered eight daughters before meeting his demise at the hands of the Mountain in King’s Landing and he raised them as deadly warriors. Now, they are prepared to avenge his murder with his same ferocity. Obara Sand (SoD) and Tyene Sand (SoD) can make the challenges phase a nightmare for your opponent, while Nymeria Sand (SoD) punishes your enemy for claiming dominance. By hiding your true intentions from view until your plans have been carefully laid and set in motion, you can claim victory just as your opponent can feel it in their grasp, exacting a revenge that’s both rewarding and cruel."

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