ITS THE POPO!!! (8-0 Philadelphia Regional Winner)

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bored2excess 444

Qohor is rather good. I took this deck up to the Philadephia Regional, the Kill in the Kingswood yesterday and had a good run. It's basically just your classic Stark Fun Police/all good cards deck, but with attachments on demand! The agenda definitely won me games all day. I think over 8 rounds it may have spat out 5-6 total gold, maybe once it gave 2 gold in a game? The downside was nonexistent.

The plotline is super beige, mainly just pulling you the right amount of draw or economy at any time. The Withering Cold and Breaking Ties both helped immensely in many games, giving an additional tempo edge to the brawl-ey nature of the deck.

I ended up really liking the composition of the draw deck, I always felt confident in finding good bodies or an attachment to convert into whatever I need. There are a couple of curve-smoothers in there that could be swapped around. Core Cat and Fat Cat both won me games and I highly endorse the 1 and 1 here. The deck is mostly Breaking-Ties-proof, and I decided to just play through King in the North when I would see it. I do not regret that call, Stark's king cards are just too awkward for this deck and a lot of your text in this deck is passive or keywords.

Thanks to Roy Rogers and Redcap's Corner for putting on an excellent tournament, thank you so much to all my opponents, and thanks to everyone for the great company and fun times!

Tourney Report:

Round 1 (Tom HK, Martell Red Door): I didn't see many attachments this game, making it hard to negate his Starfall and Flea Bottom, but ground away through the control and the resets with a small lead and dropped Fat Cat with Wyman already on the table for a guaranteed +2 power when time was called.

Round 2 (Drew Somers, Targ Fealty): He had to spend all his tempo plot one to Crown and then Drac Wyman, which let the rest of my board get really stable. I drew into Winterfell and Milked his murder Daenerys as soon as she came down.

Round 3 (Chris Wong, Targ Crossing): I drew all cheap characters and Dacey, letting me go wide and strong against his wide and strong deck. Frozen on his Flea Bottom and drawing Wyman on his To Go Forward let me just keep up a stronger, standier board.

Round 4 (Alex Buganski, Stark Wars): Close game, me being able to Milk his Wyman twice really helped. Almost lost it on a weak play where I cycled out of Brother's Robes into a Bodyguard I didn't really need, only to have Ward steal four of my power with Dacey the next round.

Round 5 (Andras Fulop, Martell Wars): Razor's edge game, his deck was great and I think probably beats mine most of the time, but I drew well and was able to barely keep him at bay. Brother's Robes put in some good work on Dorne here.

Top 8 (Martin Naze, NW Wars): My only mulligan of the tournament took me from bad to mediocre. He opens Bloody Flux with the new Wall setup and I top deck two more copies of my setup Wyman immediately. Qohor saves my butt by letting me dig out a defensive Needle to pop on Wyman, preventing him being effectively targeted by the incoming Mutiny. He gets my Greatjon instead, but doesn't have a lot of gas left in hand and I stabilize.

Top 4 (Derek Shoemaker, Stark Wars): His murder deck didn't draw a lot of murder early, and I'm able to deploy Milks and Lady to prevent hefty erosion. He eventually Wards a 4-power Sansa, but this time Brother's Robes is still in my deck, I fish it out and blank Ward to bring my power home for the win.

Top 2 (Michael Arroyo, Greyjoy Wars): He drew heavies and Sows, but Milk on demand defrayed King Balon, Withering Cold slowed him up, and Wyman kept my options open all game. Victarion and Breaking Ties did not get along.


SergSel 32

Congratulations! Did you feel in some games a reset plot was needed and if so, which? Could you describe some lines of play regarding the attachments, maybe there were some common combinations? Thanks.

bored2excess 444

@SergSelNo, I never needed a reset. I always felt like I at least paced my opponent on board presence, and as long as I was denying their triggers the attachments or the tech plots would give me the edge. Wildfire was in the deck in testing, but was a weak play, it came out for Breaking Ties. The only game I could see wanting a firmer reset is if an attrition deck gets you worn down, but that's why the extra mil icon is in there.

In terms of the attachments, it's just GET THEM ON THE BOARD. Every attachment in the deck just says "any attachment in the deck," so just get them out there. Your Amories are great holders for Frozens or Seized if they don't have a target and you'd prefer something else. Avoid ever sacking a Milk unless you put a third one in, same with Brother's Robes. Once they're gone, they're gone. Similarly, I never did the Seized-to-stand play on my Armory, just because I preferred having more attachments to fewer (and it was never quite the right play).