Crucial Velocity (Winner Lord of the Crossing - 38 Players)

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bored2excess 444

Queensguard is an excellent card. Renly with Queensguard is reaaaaaally mean. And so a deck was born.

This deck is constructed a bit oddly, I would just suggest trying it out, it works I swear. It definitely punched above its weight class with the win (a variance win on the tourney overall, a lot of very close games broke my way), but it plays very different and is super fun to see hit. Discard tech lets you deckbuild with wild abandon, because any situationally useless card remains fuel. The Informants, Aegon, and Qarth overperformed for me on the day; Mance and Second Sons were underwhelming.

The way the deck was built I was super happy with Harvest opening every game (If you prefer consistency just insert Trading over it). Withering is my alternative, but I opened Harvest every time. The word on that must have been out for the cut, because everyone opened as hard a counter to it as they could, but I just kept on steaming. Bank Plot is super awesome stats and frees up so much deck space since you can ignore Valar M and shield mediocrely from Ties. Every other plot is just high-impact tech, pick your poison there. Coppers was the least-used plots, but it's Coppers.

In terms of how to play it, you're basically either waiting on Renly or waiting on QG. Ideally you'll have one or the other and some econ in your setup hand (shadows your QG whenever possible, setting it up there is amazing). Play defensively, try to accumulate some renown and bank it, set yourself up for the powerful plot effects. Don't overextend, Dohaeris is your friend as they usually need more beef to keep up with your over-curve or buffed characters and effects. Then eventually Renly and QG will arrive at once and the game will end shortly.

Thanks to Michael Lamezec and the entire Jersey crew for such an excellent event, and Trotta's Hobbies for hosting! It was a ton of fun, and the prize support was above and beyond. Thanks to all my opponents for the fun time and some mean decks! I look forward to having my ugly face plastered somewhere next year.

Tourney Report:

Round 1 (Jerrin, Tyrell Wars) W: He set up Hightower and we played a very slow, constructive game. The board finally started to lean toward me slightly, and I King Plotted his total wipe Valar. With most of his econ turned off, my Garlan killed his Garlan to give me the tempo edge. Then, next plot I finally dug out my first QG of the game for Garlan and won shorly thereafter.

Round 2 (Nathaniel, Tyrell Wars) W: I set up Renly and Harvested his Trading. He drops a Milk, but I have Qarth in hand marshalling second. I don't remember if I had QG plot one or plot two, but Renly went on a tear, only minorly inconvenienced by Left/Right.

Round 3 (Derek, Stark Wars) W: I was getting my ass kicked up and down this game. His attrition deck was doing work AND building beef, and I couldn't draw anything helpful for the life of me. My Dohaeris plot 4 cost him Robb and change, and I threw King plot plot 5 with just Renly. This turned off his entire economy, preventing him from getting out Ramsey on 4 gold to nail Renly. Just at that time I finally top-deck QG and suddenly I don't lose another challenge the rest of the game and come from 12-3 down to a 15-9 win in one more plot.

Round 4 (Tom, Targ HRD) L: I did a dumb and got Renly burned when I forgot Dany can use Drac herself after Viserion hit the road. A couple other small errors hurt (did KoF really need Oathkeeper to protect from ADINS when it coulda just made QG Renly harder to burn?), but that one is what really put me in a hole I couldn't emerge from.

Round 5 (Chris T, Stark Crossing) W: I set up Renly with Brienne in hand. Drew QG and Pride plot 2 against his Forced March to get them down. I think I had stealth on Renly for good measure. It was over fast.

Round 6 (Chris V, Stark Faith) W: He had Winterfell and Wyman and other such, but was light on interference for me assembling my pieces. He lamented narrowly missing Milk on Exchange the round after I QGed Renly, but I was sitting on Qarth in hand anyway.

Top 16 (Pizza, Pep Banner Sausage) W: Second after Swiss meant no graduated cut for me. I rushed to 5 out of 8 slices, but then it stabilized and nearly took me to time, but I finally eked out the win around 2 AM.

Top 8 (Derek, Stark Wars) W: Derek gets another crack at me. I set up econ and shadows QG with Renly in hand already, but can't fish enough cheap characters off the top of my deck to keep him covered. He expends both Marcheds and has Ramsey stuck out trying to keep me down, though, so eventually I have the money and the window to bring out duped Renly and haul out QG. That halts his board and I cruise from there.

Top 4 (Jesse, Greyjoy Wars) W: I set up bad and struggle a bit finding renown and stand, but he needs to do some awkward steps to improve his hand. It's close, but I manage to King plot through his Uneasy Truce for the win right about when he was ready to combo out his Drowned God stuff.

Top 2 (Austin, Stark Crossing) W: I set up poorly again and he opens with military aggro, but I stall out Greatjon at least. Plot 2 he comes close to wiping me with Ties (since I just forget about having Aegon in shadows and 3 gold like a doofus), but Renly endures. Plot 3 he Wins or Dies, but is too far out on power, and I have the QG and FB for serious defense, and remember that Aegon exists. I actually win on the swingback that plot as my stand effects and extra power challenge prove mighty.

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Kakita_Shiro 616

Damn, 5 slices? Impressive in such a short period.