A throne, lying empty. A reign, incomplete.

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ermas 126

Hello friend, my name is Brandon Qing of the great Texas meta :D. I had the pleasure to meet some of you in the nationals just happened and I had a lot of people asking about my deck. So I decided to post it and let everyone get a good peek at it <3.

Disclaimer: The four games I have lost are all due to mine play mistakes, under a more seasoned player, I believe this deck can do much better and have the greatest potential. As of my tournament report, here it goes: round 1: Bye. I got the bye by defeating the champion Dustan at Huston regionals :P.

round 2 won: Dominick Faust Baratheon – Kings of Summer. This is the deck my deck can have a little trouble with if he got the iron throne and chamber out first. Luckily, I decided to add a pyromancers into my deck to deal with decks slower than mine (which probably wont be too many.) After a few resets, frozen solid on red keep and pryomancers blowing up the iron throne and the non-limited econ, he was just falling behind on cards and gold. With me winning power challenges and dom, I got there on plot 9.

round 3 lost: Andras Fulop Stark – The Lord of the Crossing. I played against the champ deck, yay. He had the great set up of bran duped and great jon duped. I hade summer sea port, shadow card, and Harrenhal. The game was pretty close tbh. With mine Doran's behest, I made him march his bran. I killed his umber loyalist with going first and made him discard 3 cards. But dumb me did not take a dup for my dorne with green blood trader, and andras kept his 1 of put to the torch in the staring hand. He chose to go first that round and I was on the long plan, with a someone always tells in my hand. With him had the first player, I didn't have the chance to stop the put to the torch, hence was unable to get enough cards to deal with an unopposed slaughter machine.

round 4 won: Derek Baswell Tyrell – Banner of the Dragon. Unfortunately, I do not remember this match up very well. Something something resets, something something dorne drawing 20 cards, something something irone throne chambertable.

round 5 lost: Alejandro Pantoja Martell – The Wars To Come. The second big misplay that literally cost me the game. His deck is pretty fun, its prince's plan + boneway host and big arianne with dawn to play doran's game. Techinocily my deck is the counter for those slower martell deck with no renown and single win condition. And in the game it really showed. We both had Dorne out by turn 3, and all I was winning was power and unopposed challenges. I also got a ward on his two gold Ricasso, played my secret schemes for 4 cards, then next turn annaled for 5 more cards. He did get 2 doran's game off, but was mostly unable to win power chanllenges against me. My Harrenhal and Ghaston were also hugh problems for him, since he was playing more big characters. But I lost the game to a single misplay, this is the round time has been called. I have a Maester Cressen on board with 12 power, he had Cletus Yronwood out with 3 gold (uneasy truce was the revealed plot), I know he has a prince's plan in hand from last turn's power chanllege. I wasn't too worried about him giving it a power icon, since I have a vengence in hand. He attacked for intrige, with throwed my off guard, without thinking twice, i put out a bolton flayer from my discard, then immeditly thought the possiblity of the third doran's game. I did have a bran in my discard too. And he played prince's plan + doran's game and got me. After the game we talked a little more, and he confirmed his only out is for me to misplay and not take out bran, if I have flea bottomed bran, he would just concede, since I would win dom and chamber him.

round 6 Ryan Jones Tyrell – Banner of the Wolf. I had the arbor set up ( 2 summer seaports and a rose road) plus a dorne. He opened with tradings with a hightower on board. I seized the hightower for 4 gold, then forzen solided his oldtown the next turn. He had gold, but was never getting enough cards to beat mine weenie unopposed and chamber.

round 7 Aaron Groth Greyjoy – The Wars To Come. Aaron was on drowned gods. I never played this match up (I really don't like playing this deck on iron throne cause its so grindy for my opp). And made a bad judgment call to valr 3 of his drowned god characters. He played a summons on the valar turn and I chose to go first, resloved his summons first, he got king balon, and drowned god fanaticed my bastard daugther(5 cards in hand before fanatic). I with my 6 gold, marshalled a shadow priestess into the shadows to stop the 4 power swing on balon, but he had a second fanatic. Next turn he got out a trice drowned and got 4 power, I draw vayrs next turn, one turn too late, even my ghaston grey wasn't going to save me since he just won off the attack with old Wyk.

I didn't think I was going to make the cut and got a sweet cup from sandy (sorry Sandy). But somehow I ended exactly 24th, so like any reasonable thrones player, I went out and bar hopped till 2 am.

Elimination round loss: Eric Greene Tyrell – Banner of the Dragon This is another game I lost due to mistake. We went back and forth for a while, but Eric took the first 3 turns to build up some crazy gold and made me lost dom twice. The turn I tried to vayrs him, with a hands judgment in my hand, him having 4 cards in hand, ate 2 nightmares. Since I already used Valar the turn before, I had to use Gerris to return valar back into my plots, and thats a whole turn. He was prepared, and fliped a Compelled by the Faith to move 6 power onto his house. Then played a knight of flowers, being an idiot, I forgot the ghaston grey he claimed the turn before in my discard, and played a summer sea port instead since I have a vengence in my hand and there are no flea bottom targets in his discard (thanks, turn 2 isle of ravens). But he had a Missandei for his palaza of pride, my bolton flayer defended the challenge, but knight of flowers had renown and ended up getting 4 power that turn. If I played ghaston everyturn, I should be able to win that game, considering my hand was vengence, lancer, and some other cards, his renly, marg and mace were all dead with ageon and daario in there with them.

Overall, I loved the people I played aginst and hang out with. Even just people I talked on Facebook. (thank you for recognizing me and sorry for not knowing you guys >.<). I played pretty sloopy and got punished, but I ended up with so much swag! #WORTHIT

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l33tspaniard 2

TECHNICALLY you got the bye from beating ME you swine :P glad you made the cut though, as frustrating as the deck is to play against, I like seeing ingenuity win out here and there.