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Vaccaro 428

Brandon Qing wanted decklists posted, so I obliged... more importantly though, before you copy/paste this onto the Iron Throne, really take a look at the decisions I made to include/not include a certain card, and question those decisions. Is there something you would personally change and why?

  • Vac

teamjimby 1802

Good run, Vac!

How did the Gold Mines and Flea Bottom work out for you? Would you change those around at all?

Did you miss having any attachment control? Perhaps that was some of the motivation for Breaking Ties, so you could sac your Milked / Cravened characters.

Vaccaro 428

Thanks, bud!

I loved Gold Mines; they won me at least two games I would normally lose because I drew 7 out of 9 limited locations. They do naturally synergies with Flea Bottom, but I only had room for x1. I’d like to up that to x2 eventually. The real value of Gold Mines is making the two cards you top deck highly impactful more times than not. If this deck stalls out for a turn on a bad draw, it can be disasterous.

Attachment control was something I actively cut to make room for cards I thought would do better in a Crossing matchup (Forced March and Breaking Ties). I certainly missed Weapons at the Door which would replace Forced Marched if I expected more Builders. Most times, there is no silver bullet and you have to make the decision to give up ground on a certain matchup to favor others you think are coming... I was right because I played more Crossing matchups than anything, but I also unfortunately got matched against the same Builders deck twice, but that’s just something you can’t control, so it doesn’t work out sometimes.

Vaccaro 428

6 out of 8 limited locations* not 7 out of 9.... I just remember it was all but 2 of them, and happened multiple times lol

bored2excess 452

My latest lanni crossing doesnt look a whole ton like this, but it uses lots of flea and gold mine and cuts all bodyguards to recover slots. You know me, I love just playing through Valar M and pitching my dead dupes.

Vaccaro 428

@bored2excess also another very good use for Gold Mine. With no room for Close Call or Ghosts of Harrenhal, Gold Mine becomes the solution to literal “dead” draws

TacoBill 1

Are you still a fan of Burned Men? I felt like those were easy cuts for me for Poor Fellows. I, personally, found myself playing differently when I had Chains in the deck, so I got rid of those as well and went for more Flea Bottom shenanigans. 3 Guards with Breaking Ties is pretty interesting though.