The Brothers of Destruction-Madrid Regional Winner (24 play

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SergioKeith 3

Swiss: -vs Targ Banner of the Rose (Win) -vs Stark The Wars to Come (Win) -vs Martell Alliance Trading with Qohor, Banner of the Wolf (Win) -vs Targ Crossing (Win)

Top 8: Quarter Finals -vs Martell The Wars to Come (Win) Semi Finals -vs Targ The Wars to Come (Win) Final -vs NW Kings of Winter (Win)

1.Try to cycle your deck.

  1. Find the brothers.
  2. Destroy your enemies.

Stathis 1

Why not Gossip and Lies?

Reader 137

Sadly restricted hits this :(

Teflononline 1

There is no Flea Bottom or Breaking Ties, why would restricted hit this?

Teflononline 1

Oh yea, Core Viper, nvm. Now I am sad.

Loras Tyrell 305

So sad this got hit by FAQs so hard. Do you think the same concept might work with a few tweaks using other Red Vipers for renown? I think I'll try it with new SoD Doran and SoD Viper, losing some explosivity but hopefully compensating with some control tools

beren miriel 1

Maybe playing Fealty instead of Wars to Come...

James Harrison 104

I had a blast with a similar deck - It really is shocking that the Red Viper hit the restricted list; and breaks a lot of fun decks! Sadness.