Sun & Ice: Glasgow Road to Stahlek 3rd Place (26 Players)

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MagnusLothar 86

This is my version of Martell Wolf which I piloted to a 3rd place finish at the Glasgow Road to Stahlek event. I also took best Martell.

Notable changes to the deck from previous builds:

Palace Spearman x2 - Robust 4 str bodies with power icons. Great for Arianne and First Snow turn.

Bolton Flayer x2 - These guys are brutal whether marshalled, brought out of shadows or brought into play with Flea Bottom. Just more pressure on the board and they give you another way to set up Marched into Ramsay. Some care needed so that your own characters don't get flayed (although skinning the Bastard Daughter can be useful).

Nymeria Sand (SoD) x1 - I switched Nyms just to add a little more draw and pressure on the opponent's hand. She can be a very frustrating presence.

Ser Archibald Yronwood x1 - Attrition linked to losing dominance. Marshalling him is fine, but he's a nasty surprise to drop in with Arianne.

Isle of Ravens x1 - There are so many targets for this. Why wouldn't you want your Vengeances, Tears, Ramsays, Wards, Blades and Frozen Solids back into your deck?!

Valar Dohaeris - This is better for the Greyjoy match-up as they can't use their gazillion saves to dodge it. Suits the cost curve of the deck, too.

First Snow - Lots of your own characters are good to have back in hand, and of course it's another way into Ramsay's unpleasantness next turn.

Overall, Martell Wolf remains a strong, stable and consistent build for competitive play. And it doesn't need Breaking Ties to be a super nasty deck!!

Tournament Summary:

Round 1: WIN Greyjoy Xing Round 2: WIN Greyjoy Wars Round 3: LOSS Stark Dragon Round 4: Mod WIN Stark Fealty Round 5: WIN Targ Red Door (Meereen) Graduated Cut: WIN Greyjoy Wars Top 8: WIN Targ Red Door (Meereen) Top 4: LOSS Greyjoy Fealty


PrinceOfDorne 9

Congrats for the 3rd place! Why not Arya Stark (TFM) instead of core?

mplain 205

Hi there, fellow Martell Wolf player! Interesting to see a different build. I'm playing a variant with Varys and, consequently, House Dayne Escort and valArya. Whereas you go for more First Snow and more board control tools, and lighter economy. I see you're somewhat light on power icons.

I wonder, how do you fare against Targ burn?

MagnusLothar 86

Thank you, @PrinceOfDorne! In previous heavy reset builds (i.e. Varys & Valar Morghulis) I've used Arya (TFM), but this is much more attrition-based where the aim is to keep the board small but not empty. In that scenario Core Arya really shines. In any case, the sheer efficiency of Core Arya and Flea Bottom can't be ignored - milk the restricted card for all it's worth!

MagnusLothar 86

@mplain, I find economy not to be too much of a problem. I mulligan hard for it and often choose a Fiefdom over something else with my Building Orders turn 1. Investing in early econ is crucial for later board control, even if the price for it is falling behind. Power icons are often an issue with Martell Wolf, so I tried to mitigate it this time with the Palace Spearman and having Arya x3. Using the Wards to grab a power icon character is another way round it, and/or using the Blade and icon removal to stall until you can secure a power icon on the board. None of my experiences against Targ burn have been easy. I'll try to bait the inevitable Dracarys and Consuming Flames with the child's, of course. In my two matches against Targ I lost Arianne, Arya, Nymeria and Hotah to burn but still secured wins by keeping Ramsay safe and using Valar D and First Snow carefully.

MagnusLothar 86


Reader 137

Solid effort dude. Glad to see Martell get into the top 4.

MagnusLothar 86

Cheers, @Reader. We may have taken a hit with the restricted list, but we're not down and out!