Don't Fear The Reaper - 2nd Place at Battle of Braavos

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Rosenawesome 59

This deck was created with the sole purpose of beating and in particular Burn. I found that when making a good deck, you would really take control after the plot decks had recycled. So I added "At Prince Doran's Behest" to help speed up the plot cycle. I would also use it very late in the game to help set up back to back Valor Morghulis turns with the order being: Plot 6: Valar, Plot 7: Behest into a Valor.


OKTarg 27

Was a great deck! Some of the best individual games we've ever had....

Martozar 216

I hope you know you cannot use Behest's ability if it's your last plot, because plots return to your plot deck from used pile after When Revealed on your last plot is triggered (see FAQ for Behest) :)

Itachi 1

Hey, nice performance! A few qustions though:

  • no first snow? Could you please explain your reasoning?
  • Maiden of poisons?? How good was she?
  • Is Starfall worth it?
  • did you miss harrenhal?

Rosenawesome 59

@Itachi The gold hit on first snow seemed to slow me down more than it would hurt my opponents, plus I think this deck's worst match up is Greyjoy and that plot doesn't seem to effect them very much.

Maiden of Poisons is tight, it works so well with starfall and the bastard to help hit their tempo. It saved me in a game versus Targ where I bounced a soon to be 2 power Jorah then warded him when he was replayed. She is also a great feint to bluff that you have a flayer.

urchin 20

Every Martel deck should have a 1x starfall now agreed, how is behest helping you in this build/ what are you flipping it for?