Bara/NW: In Vilnius’ Pit Regional (2-3 Swiss / 5-0 Driver)

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sweene17 32

A few points about the deck:

Overall Mechanics

  • R'hllor Kneel - Mel & Friends
  • Flea Bottom - Most deck <3 cost to give plenty of discard fodder. Veteran Builder & Lost Ranger MVPs.
  • Wall - Passive power gain
  • Power focus - Flea Bottom + Red Keep + Veteran = Consistent 7 STR attack/defend
  • Reset heavy - Morghulis, Dohaeris, Marched, Mutiny at Craster's Keep

Plots (in no specific order)

  • Trading with the Pentoshi - Usual turn 1. Helps get the expensive locations out. Allows opponent to over-commit early on.
  • Counting Coppers - Card draw. As needed. You'll need it.
  • Valar Morghulis - Potential turn 2 or as needed. If opponent over-commits and can do an effective wipe, often worthwhile.
  • Here to Serve - Bring in Cressen to get rid of Frozen Solids, etc. Or Nefarious Acolyte to stop various plots.
  • Marched to the Wall - Of course.
  • Trade Routes - Money money money.
  • Valar Dohaeris - Potential turn 2 or as needed. If opponent over-commits high chars w/ dupes, can be effective.


  • NW characters chosen make deck effective to protect any challenge with Flea Bottom or from hand.
  • Kneel mechanic, icons. Nothing special.


  • The Red Keep & King's Landing - Card Draw
  • King's Landing - Helps rebuild on potential Political Disaster & fetch dupes
  • The Wall - Passive Power Gain
  • Flea Bottom - Core component.

Future Considerations

  • Deck was built preparing for a higher Stark meta. Here to Serve can be changed with another "Draw" plot and/or Withering Cold (here before).
  • Previous version ran a harder "Kneel" component with plot, location and events. Was too NPE and taken out but is viable.
  • Deck can lack draw and/or gold at certain times. Baratheon new draw location can be helpful.
  • Haunted Forests can likely be taken out but every time I do I miss them.
  • Better character optimization.
  • Trading with Pentoshi was made to allow bigger locations to go out faster. Earlier version also ran Heads on Spikes with large success as a good Turn 1. Can change out this plot for a different Round 1 opener.
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Daniel 1

It was pleasure to play against this deck and with this deck too! Congratz!