Crouching Wolf, Hidden Drogon - 10th @Stahleck 2018

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Hey everyone! I'm Francesco Folladori also known as audioslavexxx on TheIronThrone.

This is the deck with which I made Top16 (7-1 swiss) at Tourney of Stahleck 2018 (310 players).

Link here:

I apologize in advance for my mistakes, I'm not very good with English but I still want to try to write a small report :-) .

  • Round 1 – Targaryen Fealty – Win. My opponent setup Hizdahr, Ser Jorah Mormont and Roseroad. Me, after mulligan, Market, Qarth, Illyrio's Estate and Meereen. I was able to recover the game thanks to my experience as an old player :-). MVP Crown of Gold on Hizdahr.

  • Round 2 – Greyjoy The Lord of the Crossing – Lost. Very tight match. Both of us needed 2-3 powers for the victory. He won initiative with Forced March and was able to close the game.

  • Round 3 – Tyrell Trading with Qhor – Win. Another close game but a Nightmares on Margaery on my You Win or You Die turn resolve the game.

  • Round 4 - Greyjoy The Lord of the Crossing – Win. Thanks to Dohaeris I managed to isolate Big Victarion and close the game.

  • Round 5 – Night’s Watch Banner of the Dragon – Win. The game ended in the third plot when I reveal Marched to the Wall and I played Ramsay on the lonely Jon Snow. First Snow of Winter in the previous turn allowed me to isolate Jon Snow.

  • Round 6 – Stark Fealty - Win. This deck has an excellent setting against Stark. Bolton Flayer, Ward and First Snow have solved the game but Crown of Gold on Catelyn copied in the first plot was a bomb.

  • Round 7 - Night’s Watch Banner of the Wolf - Win. One of the most beautiful and difficult match of my tournament against a deck that will make top8. His setup was: Big Wall, Isle of Ravens and Queenscrown... I will not see Meereensen Market for all the match but Frozen Solid on Queenscrown at turn 1 and King in the North played at the right moment, gave me the victory.

  • Round 8 – Targaryen Fealy - Win. An incredible game in which we both draw very well, but I see Meerenseen Market and Meereen before my opponent and this makes too much difference in a mirror match. I can close the swiss rounds 7-1.

  • Top 64Bye.

  • Top 32 – Lannister Banner of the Dragon – Win. Unfortunately for my opponent (@YuleOoze, it was a pleasure to meet you), I managed to clean the board in the first round and he was not able to recover. He conceded in the third plot.

  • Top 16 - Targaryen – The House With the Red Door – The End. Incredible match. I only needed 4 powers to win. I reveal You Win or You Die and I do not even find a character. The next round draw 2 location and the next one still 1 location and 1 attachment. No Meereen and no Meereensen Market for me. Game lost to my bad draw. MVP Meerensen Market of my opponent since turn 1 :-) .

Thanks to all of my opponents, always correct and kindly.

Thanks to my friend Matteo Fiorino e Mirko Bandera for the playtest of the last days.

Finally, thanks to my deckbuilding and playtesting group (but friends first of all) Nicolò Merusi, Aureliano Gianquitto, Alessandro Vasta e Daniele Riva.

Feel free to ask, I will reply as soon as possible! Ciao!


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YuleOoze 132

Congratulations again my friend! :) Would have been an interesting matchup if I didn't brain fart in our first plot phase. :D See you soon!