A night of flowers - Stahleck second place

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TeamBasho 71

First of all many thanks to my good friend Daniel Gobl, who built the foundation of the deck, and we tested together to arrive to the final form as seen here.

The funniest thing is that after the restricted list, the deck just got better, because we were forced to get rid of 5 cards, so it freed up some space for basically the mvp cards of the weekend: pinch and might. (in a hindsight we should have had 1-2 the other way around). Also i wanted to put out old man Mace in peoples faces to show, the old man is still doing his job quite effectively.

The tournament was epic as every year : huge swings of luck, complete tiredness, misplays and drama. I had it all.

Just want to thank everyone again for the best weekend of the year, it has been humungus as usual!

Games : loss win loss win win win win win then win win win win loss- that dirty bastard :)


Dani 14

Impressive performance buddy and congrats to your silver medal. Thanks for convincing me to bring the green wave also to Stahleck. The deck came a long way and I think it still has some gas left in the tank for the 2019 tourney season. The Might of the Reach will continue to grow strong!

jeermaster 752

Congrats for an awesome showing! And with Tyrell no less, who appear to struggle quite a bit against Meera these days. Nicely done!Also, that's gotta be the best tournament report I've seen in a while! =)