Martell Charless

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lukasz_omasta 20

This deck is stupid and should never work in any shape, way or form. At this point it is 7/10 against pretty much most decks. Only jumper decks are a serious problem. If King's Landing comes fast and you mull for economy, the game is pretty much yours. In my opinion decks that work against the basic mechanic of the game should never work... and yet, this one, does. Things that need changing:

King's Landing should become restricted - any deck you can afford it in, it is broken. Makes Political Disaster useless, brings back Ghaston, Hardhome and Jade Sea Dromons. It is a crazy location, more so as it is pretty much immune to most types of location control. Secret Pact should be terminal or melee only - it is non - loyal Craven with ambush

This is a 2nd version of this deck, 1st fared pretty well in local tournaments and if I wasn't a complete ass maybe would work better last Battle for the Wall. Introduction of new cards like King's Landing revitalized the idea and made it broken.

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