Bars and Pinch - King of Swiss, Red Saturday

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Spicy Greyjoy Good Stuff - Winner German Nationals 2018 42 29 13 1.0
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Vaccaro 423

This is the deck I ran at Red Saturday to a 6-0 Swiss record, losing in the top 4 to the eventual winner, Michael Arroyo’s Greyjoy Wars.

My deck selection was a pure meta call; I knew Assault from The Shadows and decks from Stahleck/Worlds all were susceptible to Barring the Gates (Targ cheating characters in, Meera, Skagos, Shadows in general, Flea Bottom based Martell decks), and that was the majority of the field. Thus, it was a matter of finding the right deck to leverage that. That’s where Crossing came in - if x2 Barring cripples an opponent for 2 turns and I only need 3 to win, I only have to “win” one “fair” turn theoretically.

I chose Greyjoy because of Raider/Pinch, Drowned God Fanatic (who ironically loses value against Barring too, but clutch nonetheless) and not having to rely on dupes for saves - a well-timed Valar M can crush Crossing on a bad draw. If not the squids, it could have been Stark or even Nights Watch.

I link the German Nats Winning deck to this since that outline really helped me when refining my initial draft, specifically from a character icon-spread perspective (minus Raider since Pinch wasn’t out yet)... plus, that deck ran Pay the Iron Price, so I just want to shout that out for being awesome :-).

Two of my games (against Greyjoy Wars and Greyjoy Rose) can be seen on the Stream (SJThrones on YouTube - last round of Swiss and first round of the cut).

My loss to Michael’s Greyjoy Wars was in part to his quality decision to keep a solid hand with only a King Balon/Gates of the Moon setup knowing full well I was not running Marched to the Wall. With enough Econ to drop a duped Asha, Raider and leverage his own Pinch to force me on my back foot turn 1, he was able to keep me in check. I was able to hang around to get to 11 Power with a shot at victory after a Valar M hit him pretty hard turn 4, but not break him thanks to solid plot-decisions on his part. He eventually got me on turn 6. My only loss on the day came from someone who outplayed me, and that’s a beautiful thing.

Congrats to Mike on the victory and thank you to all my opponents for the quality games throughout the day.

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