[In Search of Jank] A Pinch of Assault

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ChannelDelibird 694

Featured on the blog at Thrones Nonsense!

This deck uses shadow surprises to aggressively cut down the opponent's board, making room for unopposed challenges. Its favourite targets for the agenda trigger are Throwing Axe (for killing when they least expect it) and The Roseroad (to set up juicy Political Disaster flips that hardly hurt you at all).


King Nothing 1

I like your deck and definitely will try it. But why no Grey Ghost? Shadow and pushes your main theme, the UO challanges.

ChannelDelibird 694

The goal, first and foremost, is to murder their board, with unopposed challenges a natural consequence of that. Grey Ghost supports the latter moer than it does the former and, given that the deck is on Political Disaster, I left it alone. It's a good card, though, and could fit here, but slots are always tough.