House Baratheon Beginner's Deck by P.

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PureBorn 4

All my Decks are build from most of the expansions. I play for fun with my GF. My Decks are NOT build to be the BEST they can possibly be . I dont wanna play 3 Kingsroad 3 RoseRoad and 3 Milks in EVERY Deck.


Lottrando 1

This is obviously very poor deck. You donĀ“t have to run 3 Kingsroads in every deck. It is not good card for most Baratheon decks. BUt you have to run more than 7 economic cards, especially when you run 0 eco plots . And Rose ROad is still one of the best here. It is not good to play a lot of different characters 1 copy of each. Robert Baratheon is definitely the best Baratheon character, so you want to run 3 copies.

PureBorn 4

Lottrando - You are Right . My decks are weak and not Optimal . But as stated we play for fun and we build RP decks thats why we have 1 copy of most cards just to have fun. I would keep my decks private if I could share it with certain people but I can't so I have to publish them for my GF to see them . Maybe someday we reach the point where we play optimal Good Decks but not yet. Thanks for your comment tho .

Odrl 49

You actually can share your decks without publishing them. Just go to your account settings and tick the box that says "Share your decks". You can then send a link to whomever you want and they will be able to see your deck. :)

PureBorn 4

Odrl - Oh thanks :) Im doing that now but I think i still keep my decks public hope it won't bother people much.