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Corvo 31

Hi all, since the Starry Sept was announced, I was eager to make the deck with RD agenda that uses this location, and Baratheon house seemed to be one of the best choices for this. I know there are far better houses to pick for RD, but as a Bara fan I gave it a try. Now for the deck itself.

The idea is simple - try to win every challenge you can to fill your SS as much as you can. You can use it to blank strong chars text and Fury will help you to bring those power tokens back. You can also blank your Fickle bannerman text if you have to protect him from his Forced Reaction, and than again take those power tokens with Fury or Stormlands Fieldom. SS works with many other Bara cards well - it can be easily filled with new Shireen, especialy if you got Red Keep,which is another must have location. River runners are here for easy win if your enemy has Renown chars, or you can get those power tokens on them by SS or Consolidation of Power. Other cards are here to help you to win power challenges. Characters are mainly cheap for now being afraid for losing military and the draw is in my opinion decent. Why Patchface? For fun, ofc :) There is also option to switch 2x When I woke for 2x In the name of your King to be sure military wont punish you much.

This is just the first try to build deck like this, and I will surely change it, so feel free to comment, critic and advice ;)


SonOfBattles1 239

I've been running a similar deck based around the SS - I'm running Summer though. How does the HRD agenda work with you here? Have you found troubles with getting aggroed early by Sea of Blood and Wildlings?

Corvo 31

Hi SonOfBattles1 First round is tought, but thanks to Calm over Westeros as opener (2nd opener is Marched if needed) I am most of the time able to swarm in 2nd or 3rd round my low cost chuds. The more power enemy has in 3rd round (not more than like 10 tough) the better, that is when you start to rule with super powerful power challenges and steal them. Playing against SoB or FF is yet to be tested, SoB should be hard, but not imposible to beat, and FF is (in my opinion) counter to all HRD deck (HDR Mereen not included)

breakspear 1

have you considered using Sailing the Summer Sea?

mattastrophic 727

If you have a decent number of Knights, have you considered Hedge Knights over Poor Fellows?

mattastrophic 727

Also, with Sea of Blood and thus Forced March being popular, I would suggest loading up on as many 2g military guys as you can, like Devan Seaworth.

Corvo 31

Sigorn1 Sailing summer sea was the 1st plot that came to my mind when I was creating this deck, but I am afraid there is no room for this plot in thesedays meta :(

Corvo 31

mattastrophic Maybe, but Poor fellows work incedibly good here, they draw cards, or power tokens, and that again synergises well with Stormlands Fiefdoms

MasterRageCage 1

So I have enjoyed this deck as a Baratheon fan boy as well. However Karhold really screws this deck hard. How would you deal with it?