Danny's Shopping Spree (Ritter's Ned Deck #2)

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cooleo1c 146

I've finally excepted that I'm a Nedly player and I want to share my genius with the world! This is my 2nd deck in the series. You can find my first under "Bastards of R'hllor (Ritter's Ned Deck #1)"

SOOOOO like we're totally going to go with like a Danny Voltron theme here. Now like we all know Danny is a total diva, she LOVES shopping, but do you think the Mother of Dragons is going to carry like all of her bags by herself? SHE IS LIKE THE FREAKING BREAKER OF CHAINS.


She'll need to bring her entourage of companions to the Meereenese Market. Those Tokars aren't gonna like carry themselves! We need Hot Pie x3 cause he like can like totally get the gang all together. He can help reduce pretty much every character in this deck and is like perfect queen's guard fodder! At least x1 of every other companion should do! Except Missandei, always need 2 of Danny's BFF. And can't forget Danny's boo, Daarrio Nah Nah x3 4Lyfe <3

Now who are we like gonna buy all of these attachments from? Stores need cashiers to like swipe the Mad King's credit card! Lets get some Merchant Princes, Ilyrio and my boy Xaro up in here!

Next we need to like build the Westeros Galleria. We'll want some Markets to buy fetch things, like 3 Great hall food courts and like some silk shops. Oh and we can't forget about the discount stores in Flea Bottom!

What to buy, what to buy. Daddy's credit like is never ending so like we can clear out this place. Buy some nice Tokars, a pendant and even a pony! When we're all done shopping we can like totally get our hair done into Warrior's Braids!

Finally we like have to totally like pick some plots! We can play some games at the arcade (A Game of Thrones), gossip at the food court (Exchange of Information), listen to the sad lonely mall piano guy (Peace and Prosperity) and visit the Wildfire Sale going on at the Street of Silk!


I could really use some sort of herbal refreshment...

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starlight 1

It looks very cooooool! I can’t believe my eyes when I saw Hot Pie in the deck!!! I and my friends used to think he is too weak, but your deck has a unique idea. I will try it with my friends. Thx a lot for your wonderful creation.