BCV Deck Episode 7 - Sea of Red Roses

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Kentucky Shaun 37

Thanks for the interesting deck and the accompanying video. After playing a few games with it, I had some changes that I made.

I took out Core Marge and put in House of Thorns Marge. The new one can force a big body into a chump INT or POW challenge I don't care about losing to remove it for the future SoB MIL challenge. If I had left Highgarden Courtier in, she could even be stood because of her STR boost. She's also expensive enough to avoid some removal effects that the core one can't.

Another big add is Roseroad Patrol. If you have the strongest character in play, which is definitely doable for Tyrell, they get stealth and have MIL to support winning the SoB MIL or resist an opponent's.

I added Ser Hyle Hunt because he does more or less what this deck wants to do by allowing another route for character removal.

I added Ser Talbert Serry after playing against Lannister and Greyjoy decks that played lots of triggered locations. Targ and Stark do a lot of this too. I think Talbert's gonna swell up!

Regarding plots I replaced Late Summer Feast with Summer Harvest for the init bonus. Going first in the first round can create an important snowball effect. I chucked Taxation and Retaliation because they were kind of duds. This deck never made use of Taxation once in three games and after I dropped The Arbor, there's really no need for it. Retaliation frankly defeats the purpose of winning init which SoB definitely doesn't want to trade for 2 claim. I think an argument can be made for Nothing Burns like the Cold in the current Greyjoy/Stark/Targ meta; it has better init, 1 gold doesn't make much difference if Tyrell econ is going, and since I'm running 3x of my non-limited and not too many attachments, I can probably take the hit. Only problem is the opponent chooses that attachment and if he has multiples, I probably won't get what I want. My big add is Battle of Oxcross, which I think could be huge in allowing SoB to trigger. Finally, I took out Bloody Flux in favor of Valar D. A reset would've kept me in a couple of games longer and I think is worth having. This deck isn't likely to win round two, but will probably win before I am forced to trigger it. I thought Bloody Flux was a cheeky way to turn an aggro Valar M around, but don't want to have to predict my opponent. Also, without having the chance to play three Put to the Swords I don't gain much and Greyjoy can't save against Valar D regardless. The other advantage to Valar D for Tyrell is that most factions high STR characters are equally expensive. Most Tyrell characters are mid-priced with mid-strength that get bigger through effects, so I think Tyrell comes out ahead more often on Valar D.

Finally, events. My biggest experiment is reducing Sword and Torch to 1x and increasing Isle of Raven's to 3x. Hopefully I'm always able to get both events back into the deck after playing them, but this does mean this is going to slow down the SoB triggers because I won't be able to have one in hand then search for another, but I really never got that lucky playing with multiples. The Hand's Judgement is a good counter for SoB triggered events against me or canceling cancels and a couple blood tokens means that I might be playing them for free. The Might of the Reach does double duty to either get my challenges across or prevent my opponent from getting his. It's costly, but once again, a couple blood tokens makes it manageable.