Targ: LotC - 4th - IO Worlds

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Arjay88 196

This is the Targaryen Lord of the Crossing deck I piloted to a 4th place finish at the 2018 IO Worlds. Huge props to all participants and especially Kyle and K. Tom for hosting and judging the event. (I apologize for not knowing anyones ThronesDB usernames).


This is fairly standard Targ good stuff thrown together in the wake of the most recent restricted list. Targ gets more mileage out of Flea Bottom than Wars to Come and I chose as my restricted card. The burn events with some The Hand's Judgment backup made sense to combat Sea of Blood out of the new Greyjoy box.

I chose 2x Heads on Spikes for the discard advantage, potential power gain/disruption, and high initiative. Exchange of Information can potentially net you 4 cards and has a better stat line than Counting Coppers. Regardless if they give you the worst cards, you can still use them as discard fodder for Plaza and Consuming Flames.

Huge props to Jesse Carpenter for winning the event with a very fast Stark Fealty build, to John Peters who crushed me in Swiss with a gnarly Greyjoy Sea of Blood deck, and finally to Robert Mixer who showed me the power of new Euron with a steady stream of warships in our semifinal game.


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