My Dragon and Wolf - 4th at StormBorn:China open 2019

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Smile Tom 17

Hello,This is the deck i use in 2019 South China Nationals.

First thing first, shout out to Lil More and Xiang who were the organizers of 2018 South China Nationals. The good beginning contributes to today’s success. I was about to make some coins and promos for myself and then grab my deck to the tournament and have fun for two days. I thought Lil more and Xiang would do everything for the tournament. However, after Adam came back from Bangkok, he changed everything. He took over everything of the tournament and asked me to take charge of all the art stuff, including promos, mats, local meta logos. I was stressed out, but I was like I might take a try. Me and Adam have been playing thrones since 2012 and I have to say that he becomes more reliable. He often send me the materials at MIDNIGHT and asked me the progress (Adam: Sorry about the time difference). Also, he was so active that he will search the material for me by my request. BTW: I was so annoyed by the First Party who always tell me to do things but always helpless. I will say I would like to thank Andy who are rarely mentioned. This is why our team was called Andy Fans Club. At the beginning, we have no platter at all but Andy gave us the platter, scanned the cards for us and taught me how to buy cards at MPC. I will definitely do things in a wrong way without him. Also, he even offer us the illustration for the champion mat. I did not do the art stuff alone. I guess many people already know what Adam have done, so I do thank Andy here.

I wanted to play the HoD Targ but I found Frozen solid and Big Vic do counter my deck. I founded a Targ banner of Wolf deck from Stahleck but I didn’t think the deck could satisfy me. However, I gradually think I could do with frozen solid and Ramsay. So I practiced both of them. In the end, I reckoned that HoD will be countered by many other decks and was well-analysed by many people. Although banner of Wolf is not stable, I think it can reach a higher position than HoD can do. Besides, I can have my chance to win the game against some super counter decks. Right before the tournament, I modified my deck by Adam’s suggestion. (Adam lost to Targ-Wolf at Worlds against Kevin) After the tournament, I think I won the game because I had Meereen early. The games I lost was because I didn't have my Meereen and I made mistake against the Stark. I think I was so lucky to get to Top 4.

Round-1 Korea Chaiwon Targ-Wolf I knew him from Korea by Adam’s photo in Bangkok. What a lovely lad he is! At the beginning, I thought it would be a mirror march but I knew that the one he played was the old stuff in Stahleck after game. Count on LUCK in the game. We had pretty much same setup, Mereen, Plaza of Pride and Hizdahr. However, Chaiwon had Khal Drogo (Duped) so I had to play defensively, having my chunk blocked. However, I drew better stuff than he did, having my Frozen Solid to blank his locations and keeping me in the game. Then, the turning point was Valar and I had Ramsay plus Big Red Dragon to sweep his play and to win the game. Then, shaked hand and cheered him up and I felt so goooooood.

Round-2 Macau Osscar Stark- Fealty We are both southerners and meet each other quite often. Although he said he always lost to me and felt nervous, I still thought this game heavily. He had his cat at set up and I felt so excited to Ward her and get her killed. He revealed Exchange Information to get Winter is Coming and Ward. When I was choosing the characters to give him, I thought his cat would be dead son and I didn't want him to have more chunks as I have do mil twice. So I gave him Cat instead of reducer, which caused my loss. Osscar had his Brother’s Robe (Adam said it was a must in Stark deck), so my Frozen Solid and Ward can do nothing then. It was a very close game and at the final round, he marshalled Wyman, Cat, Meera and Summer. All I can do was just to Ward his Arya (Actually I can’t as my Arya was dead). I can’t reach 15 power but Osscar had his Cat tons of powers on her. He revealed Fallen from Favour and that was a GG.

Round-3 Guangzhou TFK Targ-HoD TFK is a casual player and said he would throw when he met me. I do NOT believe in him at all. He ended up the first round with 4 powers and duped Khal. I wondered if I need You Win or You Die to win the initiative but I think the play is not good enough for me so I chose to use Trade Route and manage to have a better chance. It turned out that this dude used his You Win or You Die at his second round! However, I had my Missandei and Arya duped, so I was ok for me to discard two duded. The only mistake I made was blocking intrigue with my duped Missandei and have her get Dracarysed. But it’s fine since I had more characters than him and he had nothing to play after You Win or You Die. It was my turn to use You win or You die then!! Surprisingly, I drew Drogo and Drogon! The casual liar who said he would throw but wanted to beat my by You Win and You Die can only keep playing casually.

Round-4 WenZhou Xiluo Martell-Wolf My deck doesn’t counter Martell-Wolf because I don't have too much chunks. When I playing against Martell, my deck seems to be “clumsy”. Also, I had bad draws by Meereen and my only high cost character has gone by valar+ramsay. Xiluo was a slower player and I didn’t think I have enough time to make a comeback so I just conceded.

Round-5 Nanjing ShuangShuang Martell Wars to Come I always felt uncomfortable when playing the heavy control deck. I played cautiously, defending every int and power and trying to stop her from getting power. I made a mistake that I initiated an int and she just blocked and play Doran’s game, getting 8 powers. As I had too many powers on my characters, she had to play valar and marshal Harman with many gold. I used trade routes but I have no renown characters. All I can do was just kill her characters by Drogon and got UO bonus. Before challenge, I Nightmaresed Harman (actually useless but I had to) and initiated mil. She block and won the challenge by Amush(0) Hotah and Harman but she didn’t call the response. I think this was because she was ill and dizzy. She can’t make a comeback because of this mistake and she conceded then.

Round-6 Nanjing Fiki Greyjoy Wars I thought it was a civil war but I came up with that he was not on our side anymore (He had moved to Nanjing). Before the game, he said neither of us can make the cut. I peaked at the table number 14 and I doubted it, so I still treated this seriously. I have a beautiful setup, having my Hizhdar and Meereen at the first round. I duped Meereen and Drogo at the second round. I kept my Hizhdar in my hand and I use Valar D (keep Drogo and marshall Hizdahr again). At the last round, I was behind so I used Marched to win the initiative against his You Win or You Die. I marshall Ramsay and Skagos to kick Asha off. I have more characters than him in challenge and he had to block the uo. After I finish my turn, I had two characters standing but he had only Euron and no way to win power. In the end, it was a close game and I won by 15:13.

Top-16 Guangzhou Gordon Greyjoy Wars Gordon had really bad setup, no characters. No characters was in the play after he marshalled Big Vic at round one. Both of his big guys was Marched or no money left during the challenge. After the game he thought he can win the game if he could play counting coppers earlier. I defeated two Greyjoys in a row. Thanks to their bad luck, I made top 8 with a deck having less chance to defeat Greyjoy.

Top-8 Guangzhou Haotian Targ-HoD As I had played Targ HoD for around 3 months, I knew exactly what I need at setup. I won’t mulligan as long as I have one key card. Fortunately, I had two markets with plaza of pride and Meereen. I didn't think I could have a better setup than this. Haotian has Plaza of Pride, limited location, flea bottom and Quath. At that moment, neither of us had characters but we had 10 locations, which means I don't need Trading to get gold and Trade Route was good enough for me without any backfire. He could play Trading with pentoshi or Trade Route but I think I can have more economy than him no matter what he would do. He really used Trading with Pentoshi so I have 3 more gold than him. Both of us had Hizdahr, but Haotian had duped Khal Drogo. I marshalled Aegon into shadow and Bolton Flayer. Also I duped Viserys to be killed in two mil challenges. I used Aegon+Daario at the first round to help me get through my first round. At the second round, I thought this game would last long so I chose to use counting to prepare for the long game ( also this was because I have eco, flea bottom and the Second Sons). Although my Hizdahr was Crowned by gold but Haotian could not marshalled more since the crown was expensive and he had bad draws by Meereen. I thought I had enough locations and I didn't use too much Meereen in marshall phase as I wanted to save my hand in the challenge phase. As long as I could keep my hand and discard his, I could make a comeback soon. After I Marched my duped Viserys and I Warded his. Haotian has no one living in the Flea Bottom so he can played things from Meereen only, so he had to play Hizdahr, Drogo and Dany and I sweep his play by Valar D. Then, I played my trade route again to marshall Great Jon, Daario and Warded his Jiqi and get my power rapidly. However, I miscalculated and I could only get 14 powers. He Valar D and I save Arya and Daario. I was so lucky that I drew Drogo by You Win or You Die and finish the game at the last round and I made top 4

Top-4 WenZhou Xiluo Martell-Wolf Damn, Xiluo and his annoying deck again. I had worse drew than I did last time so I just did nothing and lost.

Game for the third place (or not) Macau Ghost Greyjoy Wars Ghost lost his game after I lost, so we played an extra game to decide who was the third place after break. We had not played each other after he got to Guangzhou on Friday. He has small Balon and reducer at setup. I and second sons and something. We both revealed trading with pentoshi. I thought I would lose the initiative when I rolled 2 but dramatically he rolled 1.I took first player with 13 gold. I marshalled Ramsya and Skagos to kick off everything he had. But he marshalled and duped Euron. He took plaza of pride by Euron and his has Raiding Bay of Ice and We Do Not Sow, taking my Quath, Flea Bottom. No one could defeat such an Euron. Congrats to Ghost getting the third place. (He was the champion at the first of this tournament and then runner-up and now third place)

In this tournament, I met lost of cool players. Chaiwon Leem with his baby fat, Yong Jin Oh who was polite and insisted to play knights deck even though it was countered by Ward, playboy Robin (CK) from Singapore who lost his shawty playmat, Ben who is the “Badass” in his team, Shuangshuang who staying at hospital for six days, Hotdog the Undefeated, Xiluo who gave me a super big toke, Hualuo the Cougher, Susu who can remember everyone he met. All in all, I enjoyed this game, this tournament and this community. I wish we could have a feast like this annually so we could more players and play and learn with them. I wish we could be friends forever, SO NOW, I am selling sets of Guangzhou tokens with a FRIEND price! 26 US dollar for 20 pieces,29 for 25 pcs and 32 for 30ocs. All of them are sold with a sack with Guangzhou black goat logo. PM if you are interested.

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Aryeliss 1

Hi friend! I'm interested in your deck. Could you give me some pieces of advice on how to play it? Thanks and greetings from Argentina! Ariel