midrangejoy 2nd place in a 20ppl store (@goblin bologna)

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Pietroia 56

hello i managed to place 2nd with this list in today's store tournament

i tried to play a not "all in" gj version , with a lot of draw and location control ; something more similar to stark

mvp "a game of thrones" vs sob or stark did really well

brief recap till i can still remember something

turn 1 vs tyrell wars @bettelli giulio

we both started well, but a morghulis on his "heir to the iron throne" going first cause silence and saving my euron put me a lot ahead

turn 2 vs nw ranger sob @lega andrea aka "lex"

i started with balon and pillaged his qohorin then , on my 582 i hit a lucky discard on his watcher on walls and with qohorin i wiped his board

game of thrones was very valuable in this mu

turn 3 vs stark fealty @luca manfredini

manfre is a rly solid player and a good friend every game with him is a kind of lesson for me

he was able to keep the board with robb and wyman , even with no meera , i was w8ing better times to reset but i did a big mistake , he did not and punished me :)

turn 4 vs stark fealty @raccagni marco aka "wymanless";)

i was in control till the beginning with stopping all his location unfortunately for him he asked me some suggestion while deckbuilding so i knew his super secret tech "the bastard's letter"

mm 3 gold left and a shadow??ar u joking me m8? :p

turn 5 vs stark fealty @mazzoni mattia

he had a super solid deck, and he started rly fast but he had too many discard and when my balon hit the board it was checkmate

top4 vs tyrell shadow @schincaglia luca aka "skinki"

he started low on economy and i used my 2x we do not sow to destroy those he plays and old bill turn 1 to avoid his shadow

plot 2 he had randyl , the queen and something , i had euron and a risen in hand , he didn't use hj on my sow be4 so i was pretty sure he had no in his hand for my save

morghulis and with no economy he had to let me reach the final

final vs nw alliance qohor rose @benedetti alberto

i already played vs this list and my biggest fear was john , cause he can stomp u so fast and hard with his fucking 1000 keywords

when he setup john and a roseroad and me only hagen and a priest i had no doubt


big mistake

then he played bowen marsh + satin and managed to stomp me with him , while drawing soo many cards..damn..

i will try this again in 2 weeks at next store arrrrr ;)


King Nothing 1

Hi! Congrats to your result. I like a lot of your ideas here. But why Valar Dohaeris? Are you ever in a good position to play it without a drawback for your own?


Pietroia 56

hi @King Nothing and thx :)

i do love reset and everyone knows gj play only morghulis so , normally they will swarm marshal after that

so when u hit them with doheris u strike directly their heart

also if u know u have it in ten plot it's just a weapon and not a drawback (like it could be in 7 plit deck) cause u can choose to use it or not

but it's a super way to deal with targa , stark , tyrell or other gj , and to manage with many saves or copies

to play with it i normally try to not play many copies

when u have 1 cow duped it's enough so u can play others after doheris

and if u have to choose save always balon ;)

King Nothing 1

Thx for the detailed answer. Good point :-)