Pure Martell - Think Carefully And Prevail

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siegeszug 283

Hello! This is a deck I have been working on for a few months and I got to test it recently at "The King at the Wall" in Berlin. I became 5th out of 18 players, while being the only one to defeat Lennart Paga (who also won the tournament). https://thejoustingpavilion.com/tournaments/6118


  1. Open with Late Summer Feast. Play a lot of econ and build the location base up.
  2. Start to mess with the opponents icons and remove chars from challanges or even from the board with Southron Messenger and Tears of Lys, who are there to do exactly that. Play The Bloody Flux if your opponent has saves.
  3. When your opponent actually managed to gather a good amount of power on their house card, use one of the three claim 2 plots to really let the deck shine. With all the icon removal and the two big dudes Doran Martell (SoD) and The Red Viper (OR) your opponent can never be certain of anything.

Needless to say this is not a deck that anyone can pilot - you'll need to look into the list first and understand some of the tactics, especially involving Doran Martell (SoD). Also planning out the order of your challanges and even more important: the order of your opponents challanges are paramount.

Tips: Usually it is NOT a good idea to use all the weapons at the start of the war at the same time and so it is also not very wise to use every icon steal mechanic available to you at the beginning of the challenges phase. Also at the very beginning of your marshalling phase you should carefully count how much gold you'll need this turn to decide whether or not to use Fealty or the Doran Martell (SoD) Action.

Fun mentions: -Playing against the current World Champion who also used a Martell icon steal deck (but one with lots of weenies) I generally used the often forgotten ability of Doran to grant icons and not only to take them. Also after Lennart used Starfall on Doran Martell (SoD) after I started an attack with him, I swiftly excluded himself from the challenge to not let him be sent back to my hand, because i expected an enemy Southron.

-I love the fact that the game immediately starts be a battle of wits, when The Big Thinker in the wheelchair hits the board.

-People expect Valar Morghulis from this deck, but I don't run it. Of course you could tweak it a little and include it, but you'd also need a Close Call and so on and so on ...


Gaurwaith 2

Nice Deck! Why did you decided for Fealty as an Agenda? As you discribed the house card kneel seem to be often needed for Doran. Why not using Wars or HRD Starfall?

siegeszug 283

I like the extra resource in the beginning of the game, otherwise WTC is always an option of course. At a point in time, when I am able to afford Doran you generally have enough economy out to lose the Fealty ability. While Doran is on the field his ability is clearly far more valuable than one gold. (Hotah costs 5 for a similar ability) Also I don't like HRD because of the awkward setups and because Starfall doesn't do enough for a location alone at the beginning of the game, if the board is not kept small. In this deck Starfall enables the big plays in the middlegame.

Sigorn 1

no board wipes?