Winner Burwood Store Championship (5 player lol) February 2

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Redal59 67

Publishing less for the fact that it won such a small event and more that I think it's an interesting take on the Crossing from late last year that I played a lot here in Oz.

I basically took that deck and cut some of the Aegon module and opted for some Seven tech in it's place.

Some interesting interactions.

Gifts for Beggar King to get around your opponents or utilise your own King plot.

It can also fetch you Brother's Robes which is just such an amazing utility to have on the board.

After reading an old deck report from Buzz in Sweden I decided to throw a cheeky Support to search for any needed location. Starry Sept and Street in particular to speed the rush a touch.

In terms of plots most are fairly standard. The two exceptions being Return to the Fields and Fortified Position.

Return is amazing in Rush and aggro where you can play it in response to almost any expected reset to just sac some of your board and keep up the pressure. Here it combo's particularly well with Freedmen. I could even be convinced to sub out one the Spikes for another copy.

Fortified is obviously great with the Honor Guard (you can also use Starry Sept to achieve the same thing on other turns too. But more importantly it often gives you control of the board so you can use the efficient hi Str bodies Targ is known for these days to do what your agenda wants you to relatively unmolested from scary GJ bombs or cheap chuds that might control your board otherwise SCB etc.

A fun deck for sure.

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