Daring Diplomats (Top 4, 28-person SC)

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jcwamma 2717

This deck isn't very good, but it was loads of fun so I thought I'd post it so other people can have fun with it. Happy to answer any questions on it, though I imagine the answers will be unsatisfactory!


sdrewthomson 1

Looks cool. I have to ask about Burning the Dead, of course. Is there a lot of Drowned God in your meta or something?

SergSel 48

Why Lannister Rose and not Tyrell Lion?


You were right @jcwamma this deck is so bad I can build it while still keeping Tyrell/Dragon together.

jcwamma 2717

@sdrewthomsonnot really but I had a couple of spare slots and I'm phobic of Desert Raider. The deck also quite often has spare gold due to being quite a lopsided build, so it's a relatively harmless cantrip.

@SergSel originally I was running it Alliance Qohor with Kingsguard characters and Kingslayer, which is loyal. Then I decided that was rubbish (I still kinda like the idea in theory, but there just aren't enough Kingsguard characters), kept the basic skeleton of the deck and changed about 40 cards. My sole justification was Gold Mine + Flea Bottom, though of course I could just as easily have used Oldtown Informer and Flea Bottom. But this was funnier.

@TIGERSTYLE I know right

Halion 1

What are your thougths about Jaime Kingsguard ? I love the art, the character and Knight theme but the other version seem always better... Maybe he will see more plays when the new Knight of Flowers comes out ?

gasman14 1

New to the game but experimenting with Lanni Rose (just to make things even harder) and Ser Mark Mullendore is a nice addition.

2deep99me 73

@HalionI assume the KG Jaime is here for the knight renown + he's "immune to Duel".

@jcwammacan you see this being played as a control deck? I've been trying something similar and am currently trying it as Tyrell Lion.

mach 52

Poor Lancel.

P_Gedi 137

....where’s the Widow's Wail?