Lions in the North

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Viktor2m 1

Lions in the North. The idea was to add Stark to Lannister to give greater support to Jaimie. Highlights are 3 copies of Bran and three copies of Treachery for strong counter suite. Plenty of removal with Put to the sword, tears and Ttidfl. Deck is strong on intrigue, has some good draw. Tywin, Eddard and Jaimie for some renown, and Sansa to help with winning. On plot side Game of Thrones as an possible opener vs aggro, A noble cause and Banners to help with buying big guys, confiscation is for the Milk, marched is always a good one, and accusations can help by kneeling an important character. Wildfire to clear all bears, and it works well with Joffrey. Will need to find place for Hound and possibly Wheelhouse. With incredible amount of lords and ladies I would like to include Seal, but I see no place for it.

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