Male-pattern Baldness

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Achtung! This is a vanity deck, and not meant for competitive play. If you're looking for something that will win you games, then please don't waste your time on this list. Otherwise, please read on...

So, what is this?

I built this deck with one objective in mind: Have every character in this list resemble myself - a middle-aged, bald, white dude. Let me break this down a bit.


The houses Baratheon and Lannister provide a surprisingly large number of characters that fit the bill, with the only True King of Westeros being a prime example. Shiny on top, short cropped hair on the sides, and trimmed beard - that's me, today!
Whereas Polliver and Lannisport Merchant are more like Nineties-versions of me - shaved head, goatee... only the chain-wallet is missing.
To round out this theme, I included the Oldtown Scholar. A glimpse into the future perhaps, if things turn out OK.



  • The Kingsroad. There are treasures hidden along the road, to be found and enjoyed with friends when you travel for Thrones overland. #Truckerbomb


  • Healing Expertise features another handsome gentleman with a prominent bald head, it's like looking in the mirror! Thank you, FFG.


More bald and balding guys to flesh out this list. Easy. Done!


Rick IsLitFam 254

Best deck on thronesdb right now.

gasman14 1

+1 for giving me a hearty morning LOL.

jdw97 1

This is the best deck I've ever seen

thehumanh 38

Amazing list. I never realized it before, but the Lannisport Merchant is really yoked