The Sand Snake Shuffle - Aldershot SC Winner

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vexien 707

Disclaimer - There aren't that many sand snakes, it just sounded like a good name for the deck.

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For this year's SC George treated us to another instance of the Aldershuffle, with 23 out of 28 attendees taking part. Anyone interested signs up and is drawn a random faction and agenda that they need to build a deck for on the day. It leads to an interesting field with a wide variety of builds you wouldn't normally see. Or you can get lucky and draw a solid combination like I did, but it was a new challenge for me as i'm definitely not known for playing Martell.

I'd like to thank Martin Lewis for giving me a lot of good input on how to play the build I was going for and helping me refine the slots, and him and George for putting on another great event in Aldershot.

Happy to answer any questions on the build in the comments.


Reader 137

Congrats Joe. It was a pleasure and an honour to work with you on the build. I was certainly not pleased to be matched up against this build in round 2... my Maesters were fully aware of the plot list and the Blades they were facing (I had drawn Targ Conclave). My only hope in the game was to see Daenerys, so that I could filter and burn without challenging, but she did not appear.

I'm hoping that this has mellowed your views against House Martell, and that we can see you try out some more Martell decks in tournaments to come.

If anyone is interested in playing this build with the new pack released... Drop Harvest for Riddle and a BOG for Gates. Have fun!

movac 1

congrats on your win The deck seems to be a bit light on card draw. Do you ever find your deck running out of steam?

vexien 707

@movacI was sometimes worried about draw issues in testing, but it has more draw than is immediately obvious, and gives you the flexibility to choose when you need it.

Exchange is the straight forward option, providing 2-4 cards. You win or you die is 2 cards, which arent just lost if you got some ports set up. REturn to the fields is flexible depending on your situation. 3x greenblood traders who can be repeated and Nymeria provide a decent amount of options.

I'd probably go back to 3x SoD Nymeria if i played again to keep that aspect a bit more consistent, as i didnt use the other nymeria all day beyond duping.