Bara R'hllor Dominance

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scantrell24 3264

2nd draft.

Potential cards:

Seen in the Flames


BaratheonisBoss 1

you need stannis in there to keep them knelt. if you want to go a full non loyal deck youd be best off playing the brotherhood without banners agenda imo

adolomin 1

Maybe run a few "In the Name of Your King!" would help.

scantrell24 3264

King Stannis is expensive and not actually a R'hllor character, but the upcoming Stannis from the Bara deluxe might work. Fealty has been helpful to get the economy rolling early but it's not essential, so I'm open to trying other agendas.

In the Name of Your King! is a great idea. I'm loathe to add more non-setup cards though. Do you think it's more important than Milk or Traitor to the Crown?

BaratheonisBoss 1

He's not r'hllor but lightbringer is and if you mix Core Melisandre with his ablilitu to stop standing she could in theory kneel the entire team and keep them that way with stannis only allowing them to stand two people. With the light of the Lord on a couple people and lightbringer on stannis. You'd stop them from ever mustering many challenges

Madus 7

To my mind, more than Stannis, the deck needs the upcoming Robert from the deluxe.

AlexandertheBAMF 205

How does this deck survive any kind of board pressure? In a world where military icons are all over the place and your little weenie characters are simply begging to be roasted in Targ flames, this deck is nowhere near competitive. If you’re playing against the most passive player ever, sure you might be okay. But this deck’s board can be swept away by a mild breeze.