Winterfell Is Good - Winner Bristol SC

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ChannelDelibird 841

Won the Bristol SC with this, going 5-0 over our three rounds and banter cut to top 4.

Beat Lanni/Dragon, Bara/Assault, Greyjoy/Blood, NW/Summer builders and Greyjoy/Blood again.

Winterfell is amazing, Mormonts are good, Karhold is occasionally hilarious and resets are unnecessary when you can get Dacey into double digits.

Open Ranger's Cache unless you really really need two more gold (hint: you very probably don't) or can get a good Nothing Burns hit.

Johannes's Winter deck is probably better, but Wyman is still a monster!


Reader 137

This is a super deck George. The draw is incredible. I built it after our casual games on the previous Wednesday. In one test game I was praying for my opponent to flip VD so that I wouldn't Mil myself.

I had Favor of the Old Gods and Gates of Winterfell in mine. I was always pleased to see Favor, but I also didn't run Milk or Seized. 8 games with 8 wins. I feel Winter has finally arrived.

Great work and many congrats to you dude :)

Reader 137

It needs Old Nan though ;)

Seira 1

Why Arya's Gift ?

Kakita_Rinsei 28

Super strong deck building skills went into making this deck. The deck is a card drawing tool box, really love the inclusion of Arya's Gift. Have you considered changing out one of the plots for a VD for a little board control?

ChannelDelibird 841

@Reader Maybe I'll have to add one to make At the Gates a Winter plot.

@Seira Milk is everywhere, and it is ruinous on Dacey. Cravens have got to go as well. Saves me making room in the plot deck for a non-Winter attachment-removal plot.

@Kakita_RinseiThank you! I've never wanted VD in here; the deck thrives by simply anticipating its opponent's reset and shrugging it off, while building a wall of bodies that can dominate the challenges of your choice without needing to reset. I've maybe wanted a reset once or twice in about 30 games, and all of the plots have proven their worth more than that.

Chinook 1

Can confirm a reset is not needed, it just says ok that is annoying, then draws 5 cards and rebuilds the board! Top deck George!

Toaster 35

@ChannelDelibird How would you implement the new cards from "At the Gates" into this deck? Even more draw with Old Gate (probably unnecessary)? What about Alysane Mormont she should fit just fine in here.

What would you cut for any potential adds?

ChannelDelibird 841

@ToasterThis is a deck that exists, so it should run At the Gates. I love Ranger's Cache, but that would be the plot to cut.

Switching to guaranteed econ from At the Gates means that you could definitely lose the Roseroad for an Old Gate to improve the effiency of Maege's draw. Alysane absolutely comes in as a 1x; not sure on the cut but maybe Nightmares, the second Meera, Hodor or the third I Am No One. I don't expect to play this deck much for at least a month or so now so I haven't thought about an updated version very much!

I know @Reader has been running On a Misty Morn in his version of this deck and that is worthy of exploration as well. Up to you what you'd lose to make room.