"The Raven of Westwatch" Flies East - Top 16/8ish Jesse Name

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celric 404

Inspired by Buzz's Targ Fealty at Thrones WAR 2nd place deck. To me it seemed he just put in the best Targ cards, and played Fealty for the consistent econ. I thought, I can do that for Watch!

Here's the recap on Jesse's Name Day Tourney in Wasau WI.

R1 - Connor Targ Crossing (Win) Conner was a local Wasau guy getting into the game. He played decently, but -1 STR on his first challenge locked him out of making more challenges on the Game of Thrones turn (T2) so Old Bear was able to drop in stuff for free for the rest of the game. He had a great attitude though.

R2 - Tom MacKensie Bara Crossing (Win) This was a 15-7 game, but very close.

I expected a lot of Forced March so I put in a Seal of the Hand. I expected to be made first player often and would need a way to stop attackers who I could not craven, so I put in a Mole Town. When he played FM, I had the Seal. When he played Weapons at the Door, I had the Mole to stop his best attacker. It was a bit of luck, but I chose to put those cards was in the deck for 1 reason and they did exactly what they were suppose to do.

These allowed me to hold him off and Valar 6 power off his board including Bob. I was able to defend the Wall without too much drama from then on.

R3 - Ryan Lenard Lannister Sun (Win) Ryan was playing a lot of removal and shadows tricks. I had to be very careful about all the stuff he could get into play via ambush or shadows. I held a narrow lead and flipped into breaking ties. Ryan had Flea Bottom on the board and one in hand, he ditched the one in hand with gold mine to draw a card. I sent the one on board to hand via BT. At the end of the round he ditched his FB to reserve thinking he still had one on the board. After he didn't see the 3rd copy in the next draw phase he conceded.

He mentioned he could feel a tilt coming on, so it was better not to play it out tilted. I am someone who should have made, but did not make, such a friendly decision in the past - so I really respect Ryan for having the self awareness to do that.

R4 - Jon Peters Greyjoy Wolf (Win) This one is a little fuzzy for me. I believe he was running the stark kids to then play Heir to the Iron Throne and get his bigs. That was working, but if I remember right, he conceded when he had three 7-cost characters on the board and they each had a craven.

R5 - Geoff Bergh Stark Blood (Loss) I'm starved for econ as I will only see one limited location (in setup) while Jon has 4 limiteds and a non-limited in play by turn 6. I hold off the SoB trigger for 4 turns. On turn 5, I VM and kill a ton of uniques (inc Meera, Greatjon, Alysane, Bran) and I marshal my only Mil icon. Sadly, Geoff drops King Rob, torches my only econ location. I believe I conceded the next turn.

Well played by Geoff. I had Old Bear + Dragonglass dagger in hand, but would never have the money to play them. He had a tough Skagos decision as he could have protected Meera, but he had King Robb in hand and decided the anti-craven would be more valuable next turn. Great decision by him to seal the game.

R6 - Chris Schoenthal Martel Fealty (Loss) Known Chris for a while, but this was our first actual matchup. I had some bigs on the board early, but he cleared my dupes. He tried VM, but Return to the Fields kept my uniques including Jon + Bear alive and the money/cards could have been helpful. After not committing much to the board I VM too. He repopulated with Nymeria. He was in control throughout, but it was definitely over when I lost Othel to an intrigue challenge. Great piloting by Chris.

R7 - Scott Anderson Tyrell Lion (Win) Scott was a super nice guy. I remarked on what a cool Flea Bottom he had and he gave it to me after the game. Primo play indeed. Scott had some really neat tech in here. He was mainly running Lanni's shadow package with some cool kingsguard splashes. For example, he put Mountain into play for 1 with Kettleblack and then IronBankWHID to get 7 gold to use on shadows/ambush characters. Lucky for me Dragon Glass dagger made Jon immune to most of the things his deck could do to remove or hurt characters so I was able to outpace his Oldtown with the Wall and winning power challenges.

R8 - Kyle Vancil - Greyjoy Sea of Blood (Top 32 - Win) Kyle was on my last NW team in SD. We had a rough tourney down there, but I've got nothing but love for this really awesome dude. Some of the early rounds are fuzzy. I make a big mistake round 1 not attacking with Sam for an unopposed Intrigue costing me a power and a card. T1 Craven on Balon holds off Sea of Blood. T2 his Beyond reproach opens up his Balon and he Torches my Wall. T3 you Win or You die would have blown me out, but I A Game of Thrones. Since he'll lose them at 0 reserve he plays all his characters in hand including big Vic. Turn 4 he takes the Wall with We Take Westeros but my Valar M leaves him with only Balon and Captains daughter. T5 Breaking Ties returns Wall to my hand and I replay it. Dragon Glass Daggers let Jon defend the power challenge and I hold it off 11-10. Wall triggers and I win 10-9.

R9 - Ben Barnhart NW Banner Wolf (Scoop Loss - Played win/draw) My best friend in the thrones community is Jim Hansen. He wasn't in the cut and was going to play in the team event.

As the rounds during swiss had been long and slow, I assumed that would be the case on day 2 and I didn't want to have to scoop a top 4 or top 8 to a random to make my flight when I know I could scoop a top 16 game to a team mate. Then I could play in the team tourney with Jim.

All of team NW were cool to be around and NW is not about winning individual glory. As proof of the team's great people Ben was gracious enough to play me in a friendly after I conceded.

It was an epic hard fought battle. Lots of rat cook into Ramsey. At 7 plots we decided I would have won on time (12-7) even though I finished that round with 0 characters on the board. So a win/draw and "top 8ish" feels like the best way to record this game.

Ben may win it outright if he didn't whiff on a Shadowblack lane. I may win outright if I'd used Qhorin to kill the Recruiter for the Watch that I couldn't visually locate. Super epic game. Thanks again to Ben for playing late into the night to scratch that "what if" itch.

Super big thanks to the birthday boy himself, Jesse Carpenter, for putting on an incredible tournament.

Finally, thanks to my Lord Commander Jordan for bidding on a guy who announced his attendance for this event by calling himself "The Raven of Westwatch-by-the-Bridge."


celric 404

Apologies to anyone who may have seen their name or house mixed up in an earlier version.

Toaster 35

Would you add any of the new cards from the "At the Gates" chapter pack?

Toaster 35

Also what about Westwatch-by-the-Bridge I think you could often times use it to stand The Wall (Core), because you already run Jon Snow (MoD).

celric 404



I did test it. It was pretty good when I still had Sworn to the Watch in the deck. Ultimately, Sworn was often a dead card so it had to go.

If you don't have all 3 types, it only has marginal uses with Mole's Town, Halder, or Othell Yarwyck. I felt it was too situational.

Once i pulled Sworn out, the match-ups where I'm having trouble keeping the Wall up I'm probably not set on character spread. So I would have played Veteran Builder over Westwatch although I like the idea/design.

In competition for my 61st card were Vet Builder, Hand's Judgement, Haunted Forrest, a 3rd Fresh Recruits and Will.

New Cards from "At The Gates"

While I think both ATG NW cards are good, I didn't see them fitting into this deck.

Aged Craftsman was fantastic when he pulled Castle Black or Underground Vault into play but I also whiffed and found nothing with him in some test games. When he found Mole Town, I might not have had enough gold to fully bestow it.

The more versatile search of Castle Black Mason (and the loyalty for Fealty/Breaking Ties felt right to me for this deck.

If you want to replace some stuff with The Haunted Forest and/or The Shadow Tower, Aged Craftsman starts looking like a 2-3x card.

Toaster 35

Great to hear thanks for the response and I guess the new cards do not fit too well into the deck at the moment.

Kakita_Shiro 773

Crazy deck, man! Gonna give this a spin sometime.