The Bridge of Nightmares (The People's Deck 2019)

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ChannelDelibird 1068

Thank you to everyone who donated to the Brighton Charity Joust and chose cards that I had to put into this deck. It was utterly dreadful, but it helped to raise a sensational £1561 for Macmillan Cancer Support.

For all the 50+ cards chosen for me, I drew and played a shit hand-made proxy. You can see all of those in the 2E Community Facebook group.

Oh, I went 0-5 by the way. But that hardly matters.


Reader 292

Awesome work! What was the best play and the worst play you made with the deck?

ChannelDelibird 1068

Cheers buddy!

Best play was Faceless Man turning into Renly, then My Mind Is My Weapon to get two lots of insight and renown. Also, just generally Ser Pounce was the best card in the deck.

Worst play was definitely the Bridge of Dream that gave me Wraiths In Their Midst... into You Win or You Die. Raised my opponent's reserve to 2.

Req 7

The worst play is definitely one the best plays I've seen.

Reader 292

A reverse Wraiths seems like an achievement in itself dude... you should be very proud of that one :)