Lanni Greensight Pillage

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scantrell24 3105

First draft. Win by mill.

Potential cards:

Valar Morghulis

Barring the Gates

Forced March

Supporting the Faith

Your King Commands It

Oldtown Scholar

Maester at the Rock

Kraken Banner: Orkmont Reaver, Nighttime Marauders, Silence's Crew, Murenmure, Tris Botley, Baelor Blacktyde, Scouting Vessel

Watch Banner: Spare Boot, Aemon, Coldhands, Craven, Queenscrown, Westwatch


Neoptolemos 222

Try 1x Tywin's Stratagem. It works well with Lannisport Guard if your opponent has another 2-coster (getting back Bear Island Loyalist can encourage them to more draw!), but what is most important, it synergizes great with Gold Mines, giving you free card to discard every turn (or even multiple times per turn). Also, without any icon-giving or jumping Ser Gregor isn't worth playing 3x, he will be useless too often (against any Martell, for example).

hechtlinger 1

New guards are quite a good way to get rid of milked on Tywin.

Archivist is a big problem to mill decks. Not sure if there is a solution but 3x treachery would definitely help.

Maybe replace the Dragon's tail with flea bottom? Hound + gold mine is just too good.

Neoptolemos 222

Dragon's tail + Isle of Ravens is essential for mill. Third Treachery wouldn't be bad.