martell kothh harrenhal winner

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mnBroncos 535


Gaurwaith 2

Congrats! Nice Deck. I see that deck is good in stalling the game and reseting but for me it is not obvious yet what is its win condition?

mnBroncos 535

@Gaurwaithgoing to be not the response you want. But dont need a win condition. Once you take control of the board you're just winning every challenge. The iron throne is surprisingly rushed to win lot quicker.

NikolaP 55

Congrats, deck looks nasty. What was your usual opener if Marched was not optimal, Coppers?

Neoptolemos 483

I think that if Marched isn't optimal, FSoW maybe good alternative. I wonder how it deals with location-heavy start (and deck), builders for example.

Kakita_Rinsei 28

I think you might consider adding in the agenda, I would assume you are running Fealty as there are 15 individual Loyal cards (19 with actual gold cost including multiples). Or maybe shadow agenda?

Toaster 35

@Kakita_RinseiIt's running Knights of the Hollow Hill (hence the abbreviation in the title: 'kothh')

Kakita_Rinsei 28

@Toasteroops did not pay much attention to the

mnBroncos 535

oh yeah its knights of the hollow hill Lol didn't notice didn't add that.

siroma 363

Any cards you felt underperformed that you would swap out? Did you ever wish you had at Prince Doran's Behest for a smaller plot deck? How long did your games generally go? Thoughts on political disaster in the plot deck?