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Old Gods & The New 585

A defensive NW/Tyr deck built to my nascent "Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends" method of deckbuilding. That says that Wildfire Assault is going to happen so build a superteam of three characters to revolve the deck around. There's no point being the Thundercats because when Wildfire happens both Wilykit and Wilykat are heading to the bin, and you're going to have a tough choice between keeping Cheetara or Tygra.

As I'm sure you remember, the Saturday morning kid's cartoon featured Spider-Man, Iceman and Firestar...

  • Spider-Man = Randyll Tarly (or Mormont at a push)
  • Iceman = Littlefinger
  • Firestar = Margaery Tyrell

Around those there is an assortment of supporting characters who aren't too important, hence so many 1x copies that I wouldn't normally play.

Tactically you're in defensive mode and early testing was that it worked better than expected. You want to go second and stay defensive, only striking when the odds are certain in your favour or you want to play Put to the Sword.

With Bear & Maiden and the Messenger Raven you're quite good at finding cards to assemble your superteam, then it's just being solid and defensive. Because you can stand and boost your men your three dudes should be able to outperform their three dudes, and Wildfire keeps resetting them back to three.

Stay standing, defend the wall, and protect the realms of men!

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Tear44 1

I really like the look of this, not your everyday NW list.

Any advice for dealing with a Bara Stanis&Kneel deck?