"Rains of War" - Champion & undefeated - Thrones WAR '19

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Lannister 570

Hi guys! Here I am once again. The guy called Lannister who only plays Tyrell.


We played our own Thrones WAR event at Barcelona this weekend. Was heaps of fun, and more importantly: THE TYRELL TEAM WON!!! In these dark times of warships, blood, Vince and taylor-made white cards on demand, adding some pavilion points to my beloved faction is always a honour.

I generally play WTC because I trust in versatility. But as my teammate Jaino is so good at it, he took it. Also my other team mate is a knights / crossing freak. So why not dusting off my old Rains of Castamere agenda and try it out?

What's to win? Well... Adding a new restricted card obviously.

This deck went unbeaten and definitely helped to beat Greyjoy, as they got the same amount of victories and all went down to our direct showdown. Which we won 2-1.

Some key decisions:

  • x2 Trade Routes: Administrate your hand wisely. Know when resets will come. Repopulate back your board with renowned characters. WIN.
  • x3 Nightmares: Winterfell and Karhold are a problem. Also Drogon, King Bob and others we all know.
  • x1 Arrogant Contender: Very good for castamere. Very good against SOB defending.
  • x2 Old Bill Bone: 2 is the right amount of this guy. Try it.
  • x3 The Might of the Reach: Paying 3 to win any challenge? Don't mind if I do! Also that +10 is an amazing way to trigger Castamere unexpectedly as for instance, for wildfiring chud based decks and recover your superiority.
  • x1 A Game of Thrones: Yup!
  • x0 Wardens of the South: Carrying two plots that you'd never want to change for a Castamere plot is not a good business. If I had to choose with TKITN there is no possible struggle.
  • x0 The Arbor / Redwyne Straits: It is definitely less juicy for SOB or Greyjoy to go after a Rose Garden or a Great Hall, so not carrying these high cost unique locations makes you play more relaxed and not experiencing a downfall if you get them stolen or discarded. Also you prefer carrying multiple cheap ones for Trade Routes. Ended up placing one copy of Gates of the Moon just in case I didn't see any limited cards on my setup and I needed a little push with At the Gates.


1- Targaryen Sea of Blood (Valerios) I started very well, Left and Right and the might of the reach in hand. Felt safe and in control. A septon gave me a Growing Strong in a lucky strike who also saved me on a You win or you die challenge letting me activate Margaery and right to the win. Have I mentioned how good is this built against SOB? My team went: 2-1

2- Greyjoy Fealty (Marti Foz "Harren") Well facing our champion Harren is never an easy task. Also, he knows veeery well Tyrell Castamere as it is his second house and agenda of choice after Greyjoy. Curiously though, despite his constant attacks after my economy locations and resilience, got to trigger Marge on a Wildfire Assault Castamere trigger bringing the only king that matters on board. Won the next initiative surprisingly too with a Trade Routes. Adding some renowns, using the crown twice on Renly and all to power was enough to go from 9 to 15 in one hit. My team went: 2-1

3- Stark Fealty (Gerard Carmona) KARHOLD. Yeah... The anti Tyrell was here. The only renown I got on the whole game spent 7 rounds on top of my duped Marge. Karhold was marshalled in the second round and had to play around it and Winterfell. Several Nightmares on Winterfell helped me triggering Marge and other tricks. My only hope to rush was Oldtown but got it "Nothing burns like the colded". So played patiently. Winning challenges and holding up his Stealth chuds with Left and Right. His last Winter Festival had no summer response on my side and bringing Fat Cat with Skagos was really fucking scary, but bringing Oldtown back and resisting was enough to pass through... Hardest matchup. My team went: 3-0

4- Lannister Kings of Summer (Hansen) Love playing against Hansen because I love Lannister in secret and he is a very creative guy. I was expecting lots of ambushes, unexpected killing and shadows shenanigans. But I was in control all game. Started by milking his Tyrion. There were no real struggles. My team went 2-1

5- Baratheon Banner of the Wolf (Mario) To be honest this game was also in control all along it. There were no major threats. A wild Valar Morghulis cleared my board (Marge, Renly, Randyll, etc...), but as mentioned at the beginning, had a massive hand to fill up my board again with Trade Routes.

The deck felt powerful. But to be honest, Tyrell is far from other factions that are being very spoilt lately. Feels like this cycle is gonna be a bad one again. So playing smart and controlling wisely the tempos are the key nowadays to being victorious with green cards.

Try the deck! Enjoy it and share your feedback!!!


Kentucky Shaun 39

Why do you prefer VD to VM as the reset plot in this deck? With all these big characters who have dupes and possibly bodyguards plus Margaery only triggering off of kills, it seems like VM would be a more conducive reset. Thanks!

Lannister 570

I understand your question but it is not the case. When you carry left and right, Dohaeris is always the best plot you can carry, as you are gonna be left with left + right + a 6 coster which is a massive advantage. If you want to reduce chud presence you can always easily trigger wildfire assault. This way you have both cases covered. Morghulis is a plot that everyday feels less efficient. Not useful against Greyjoy, not good against martell, lots of dupes and other resources as Return to the fields. Try the deck, and tell me what you think.

Kentucky Shaun 39

Is this deck basically the same one that you played at Euros a few days back?