First Player Champion 2019- Greyjoy Lord of the Crossing

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DerKire 83

Deck list from First Player Championship. I decided to take Greyjoy Crossing since I like the matchup against Greyjoy SoB and Stark SoB. Apparently, that is all that is ever played anymore. Went 8-0 on the day. No disrespect to any of my opponents, since most of them are friends of mine, but I don’t think any game was close. I used to run a “Drowned God Package” with Box Aeron, Priest of Drowned God and Acolyte of the Waves. That was easily swapped out for Alannys, Ghost of HH and Shipwright. Alannys draws soo many cards and I wanted some more location control. Here is what I played against:

Round 1: Greyjoy/Dragon Round 2: Stark/SoB Round 3: Martell/Wolf Round 4: Stark/Fealty Round 5: Greyjoy/SoB Top 8: Greyjoy/SoB Top 4: Stark/Fealty Finals: Stark/Dragon

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Toaster 27

Don't you feel ashamed posting such a disgusting deck?
Looks absolutely perfect, from the abuse of Pinch and Raiders to the use of Bodyguards, Alannys, Ghost and A City Besieged.

Well done.