No Icon, No Gain

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fredmcragae 1

First of all :

i'm new to the game and like the deck-building + this is my first publish. i am open to suggestions and critics.

Then Second:

After playing this deck once i think it has potential. it's most favourable if you go 2nd, though Darkstar (Km) makes it more easy to go first. Nice grip on your hand because of plenty intrigue with a bonus if you can marshal Tyene Sand (TS). Maiden of Poisons is a pretty good card in this deck because there's a lot of icon-removal options included, which also makes The Red Viper (OR) quite powerfull

You'd be surprised how fast you can clear an enemy's character field with a combo of Tyene Sand (TS), Ser Archibald Yronwood and Darkstar (Km) as a helping hand. If then you have a copy of Maiden of Poisons or Southron Messenger on board things get even more interesting. Although Southron Messenger is a bit too expensive in my opinion.

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fredmcragae 1

woops.. didn't mean to publish xD