UK Nationals Top8 and best Baratheon

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callumgie 120

Hey, so with the faction specific prizes for Nationals this year I decided I need to have that Stannis mat. I did consider banner sun but just felt it wasn’t as good for the meta of GJ and Stark. The deck isn’t anything new, it’s heavily based on Hannos list from Stahleck I just made a few changes And added in some of the new cards. Mainly ValarD, gates, arrogant contender and ghost of high heart.

Round 1. Win Vs Baratheon Free folk - I was nervous about this one as I generally struggle against the free folk agenda, Ashley was able to to get good claim but could never get the death ball rolling. This was probably won turn 2 or 3 when I played you win or you die to put pressure on his board. He did recover but the ValarD secured the game a few turns later.

Round 2. Win Vs Greyjoy SoB - I made sure to get milks on both his Asha and Euron which helped a lot, but Arbor Queen along with Ghost of High Heart was amazing in this match. I don’t think SoB was triggered all game, and my opponent used ValarM turn 2. Meaning I could safely flood the board with everything.

Round 3. Win Vs Lannister banner Dragon - This was against Stefan who I had helped with his list, so I knew this was going to be tough as he is playing Ser Ilyn Payne. I don’t remember much of this one but it was a great game. Just a shame having to meet a meta mate in a tournament.

Round 4. Loss Vs Baratheon Rose - Well I wasn’t expecting to see another Baratheon player on 3-0 at this point in the tournament. But it’s against Calvin and we both know the winner of this probably gets the mat, the reason we’re both here. We both have good starts but Calvin gets traitor to the crown on both Massey with king at the wall and Nightsong. I make a mistake putting Bob into a power challenge when he has traitor on and lose. Even without this mistake Calvin wins as he has a nightmares and a power on Sept. This will be on the White Walkers channel.

Round 5. Loss Vs GJ crossing - Don’t remember much of this game I’m sure there was just a lot of good GJ stuff and I can’t compete.

Round 6. Win Vs Targaryen Fealty - My opponent gets Drogon turn one, great. Luckily I have spread my attachments so most of my stuff is 5 strength and although I’m losing stuff for military claim Drogon’s trigger isn’t killing anything important. My board eventually gets to a point where he has to ValarM, I play A Tourney for the King knowing if he doesn’t reset I win and if he does I can play my Bob and put the knighted that will come back to hand.

So I finish Swiss in 12th as best Baratheon and making the cut.

Top 16. Vs Greyjoy banner Sun - Good old drowned god, I went into this think just get Randyll and win fast! I get him on set up with a little bird, perfect start. I get Vinced a few times but when the Courtier hits the table Randyll is hard to stop when knighted and a pavilion is out. I also play my plots really well in this game but Florian also has some bad luck with his draw. I win turn 4 with 7-8 power on Randyll.

Top 8. Vs Stark SoB - So this game is over before I marshal turn 1. Ryan is able to Ramsey and Skagos my character setup. This one will be on the White Walkers so check it out there.

So overall I finish 8th a result I’m really happy with. Massive thanks to all of the Northampton players for helping me practice and advice on changes. Well done Calvin Green for also going 4-2 in Swiss but getting done by sos. Looking forward to this Baratheon box coming out soon so we can play with some new cards. Thanks for reading, if you have any questions then ask away.


Erik_ 164

Well done! Sounds like you had a good tournament. Looking forward to viewing your games on stream!

Stormborn 307

Congrats on being best Bara with such a cool deck.

hagarrr 829

Good performance mate, top 8 with Baratheon is incredible! :o

Smile Tom 17


Von Wibble 191

Bara OP restrict ;) Congrats!

Sassanid 9

Why not gates of the moon? what is your at the gates target?

callumgie 120

@Sassanid but there is a gates of the moon.