PPI Refund - 4th Best Lannister at UK Nationals*

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*Actually 54th out of 78 but you probably wouldn't read this if I didn't give it a clickbait-y title and I spent some time on a write up.

Publishing this after a terrible showing at UK Nationals (2-4), but still managed to scrape 4th best Lannister.

I don't actually think it's as bad as my performance, I was just mis-sold Play Pattern Insurance, and will be seeking a refund as it turns out I'm just bad at the game.

It's basically the same deck as the Lanni Kraken I posted after the Weekender, but using the Stark cheap lords for Heir and what our esteemed National champion calls "disruption."

Anyway, our lass took this deck to a Wednesday night at Port Street Beer House without having picked up any cards since Stahleck and proceeded to smash everyone. So that was all the evidence I needed that the deck could win at UK Nationals, or at least make the Sunday, drop and ruin someone else's day.

Round 1 - Loss - Liam - Stark Crossing

My distaste for opposing challenges cost me dearly here, as apparently Stark Crossing can go very quickly when it wants to.

This issue aside, the real problem was Liam firing off an Old Gate end of T1 to get a Milk for Cersei and a FroSo for Casterly Rock. Didn't have an answer for that.

Round 2 - Win - Chris - Lannister Dragon

Chris had only been playing the game a few months, and luckily for him I was playing like I'd only been playing the game a few months. Not the monstrous five years with nothing to show for it that it actually is.

Don't remember a great deal about this game, but it was a decent back and forth that I just happened to see out into a win.

Round 3 - Loss - Alastair - Tyrell Crossing

One of those games I really wished I had a reset. Cersei got milked earlier on, and then Dueled. My other big lads didn't show up until it was too late, and Alastair's Green Apple/Arbor Knight's had already done enough to seal it.

One big play mistake on my part was after allowing a take back to kneel a Garden Caretaker, and have an extra gold going into challenges. I knew in my head this meant that stupid event which grabs loads of power was coming, but didn't marshal Bran to deal with it, I played a Burned Man instead, thinking it might have some effect for the Forced March the following turn. I think I was beaten either way, but I might have been able to hold on for a extra round or two without that power grab.

Round 4 - Loss - Don - Lannister SoB

So despite being quite strongly in the Lannister camp, I don't really care for Clansmen as a theme. And like Night's Watch, I don't tend to know what those cards do. In this game I very quickly learned what Timmet, Son of Timmet does.

I open with Rickon and Tywin, then Heir Rickon into Cersei. Marshal another Rickon and Lancel for claim soak. Bit of gold left over for Nightmares, and Flea Bottom to recycle Rickon for the inevitable SoB cancel.

Don plays Hear Me Roar into Timmett, and I just decide to ignore the text box as it's probably just Clansmen nonsense and there just to guarantee the SoB trigger. No need to Nightmares that. Oh.

Rickon dead. SoB trigger to get another Hear Me Roar. Put in Hand, Cersei dead. Regent's Guard to bring back Timmett, Hear Me Roar him back in. Power challenge, Lancel dead from Timmet. Game over.

Should probably pay attention to what cards I don't know do. But that's for good players.

Round 5 - Win - Ashlea - Targaryen SoB

Ashlea had a decent start here with a scary Drogon on the table, but I saw Treachery and Nightmares to deal with that jobber for a couple of rounds, and enough military icons to kneel him with Forced March.

I also had Tommen and Flea Bottom to stop the SoB trigger which, pretty much meant I didn't fear the Military challenge at all.

With all the "disruption" in place, I could focus on playing Big Lads - Cerse, Tywin, Steak Bake, and winning challenges with Renown and stuff like that.

Round 6 - Loss - Sternly - Lannister Rains

The big grudge match, Sternly and I were both after the Gregor mat. I mainly wanted it out of spite because TBP had made such a fuss about wanting it.

Sternly did a decent job of using his Rains triggers to keep my board at bay, but I was still in the game a little. The real kicker was a Gregor trigger hitting Greatjon to take out Tyrion and I spent the rest of the game wishing I had a bit more gold in the challenges phase.

In short, I got battered, neither of us got the mat because Don took second best Lannister.


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I want compensation for having read this

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Man, I gotta go and read that Timett now

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I read all of that and you didn't mention Big Pints once. Disgrace.

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Best top deck of my life.

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I read all of that and you didn't mention me once. Disgrace.

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