Bounce (cover) by Mandon & Varys - 4-2 at UK Nats

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Vince 131

Bounce bounce bounce

We're ready for a good time!

Bounce bounce bounce

We're ready for Mandon!

Hey guys, just wanted to share the list I played at UK Nats this weekend. Certainly nothing new, but still good fun. I had been wanting to play this deck since the beginning of the year and I am glad I have been to for UK Nats.

I went 4-2, missing out on top on SoS. My 2 losses were to Tyrell Conclave by the amazing Dave B. He went a bit too quickly for me to catch-up Oldtown putting a time-clock on the game, which I really don't deal well with. The second loss came against Stark SoB by the no less amazing Ryan W. I saw 5 characters in 6 turns. Despite doing some forth and back between my hand/shadow/game I did not manage to hold him enough to reach my second breath.

I lost both game, indubitably, it still feels like if I had had a bit more practice than I had this year (basically a few sessions across 2 weeks and mostly theory crafting) I could have tried a few more things in these games to maybe turn them over. It felt like the deck had it in it, and I simply wasn't able to turn it around.

More about some choices around the deck:

Flea Bottom over Trade Routes

This has been the main contention point of the few tests I ran, one or the other. Trade Routes was safer and technically provided more gold. But the deck just runs better with Flea Bottom. After many dicussions I opted for the second as it felt like there would be a decent number of PDs, and apparently Frozen Solid was less present

He Call is Thinking

So happy I could play this card. A bit like the restricted the decision came after many discussions, the last of them right as I was writing my decklist to give to the registration desk, when a final advice from Donovan made it: "with HCIT you either 3 or none". That's when I thought "fuck it, let's go for 3. They were in the deck to help tame the first turns of the SoB I would encounter and to help take the edge during the VM turn which was an important swing for me.

Other than that, little to say I guess. The deck got refined after a few games, removing Gerris, Hotah's Axe, Poisoned coin Maiden of Poison and a few other characters to focus on the more essential cards.

It's been an absolute pleasure to play Varys/Mandon up to 4 times per turn :).

I know Gabryel, played a Martell-Lion at the Tournoi de la Main when it was only chap 6 of the previous cycle, and after discussing with him, although the core idea is there the approach we took was different. He took the full on Gerris approach to play more VM and YWOYD, he was also limited by the cards that didn't exist yet.

If you have any questions, please feel free to let me know :) !


Stormborn 301

Fab deck! I'm pretty sure you can have gone further with a bit more testing/luck. I think you should be playing Varys Riddle with Dorans behest.

hagarrr 577

This might be the first time I've ever seen House Yronwood Knight in a deck, I love it! How were they for you?

mrdav 122

I love this deck. Wonderful to watch you play it.

mrdav 122

(sorry about the win!)

Vince 131

Thanks guys! @StormbornThe thing is I wanted to use Doran's Behest to time my Valar more properly, have more chance to hit hard. Not using it as an opener reduces how I could have used VR at first, and I wouldn't know which plot to remove to add it in. At least that was the result of the theory, if I had tested it it might have been a bit different.

@hagarrr they were nice. I wanted to have a small hand destruction module in the deck, they fit that and the need to have power icons. I like them very much. If you want another deck where they shine probably more, I had one from last year that was good fun:

@mrdav don't be :D ! It was so cool to play with you man, I'm missing our games :D !