"The Deck That Was Intended"

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Snowed 186

Not reinventing the wheel here. This is pretty much the Stannis Prince That Was Promised deck that was intended by the Bara box.

There's a few modules here:

Stannis Voltron - Azor Ahai Reborn / Lightbringer / Fury / Selyse

  • Lets Stannis participate in R'hllor challenges when attacking, and grants him intimidate, renown, and an intrigue icon.

Melisandre Power Manipulation - Fury / Starry Sept / Stormlands Fiefdom

  • Helps manufacture or arrange power on opponent’s characters for the Mel kill shot.
  • Nightsong and Melisandre both get around the agenda's power gain restricting by "moving" power rather than "gaining" it.

Power Challenge Aid - Traitor to the Crown / Red Keep / Shireen Baratheon

  • You need to win the power challenges to get those agenda, Stannis, Nightsong, Sept, Red Keep and Support triggers.

Plots: The general theory is that we’re better off on average playing a longer, grinding game, due to the agenda’s ability to recur Stannis, and our dominance in the power challenge. In this vein, several of the plots slow the game down. Not sure if Wildfire is the correct reset.

Other bits:

  • Ours is the Fury and City Watch can get you a "gotcha" surprise win, preferably power (and all the triggers that come with it).
  • Warhammer can go on Stannis but is best for Mel, City Watch or the Bastard, in that order.
  • The draw options are legion with the agenda, Stannis, King's Gate, and Red Keep all keeping the cards flowing.
  • Imry gives you the last push you need to close.

WHERE'S BOB????? Yeah, he's MIA. Sue me.

Thoughts welcome.


Daxam 20

I'm liking the deck, thanks for the write up on it as well.

How have you found Imry Florent in the deck so far? He looks like he has potential for finishing a game, has that been the case at all?

Snowed 186

I was able to pull him off once for the win and it was glorious. For a 3-cost little guy he can pack quite a punch! And if he just dies it’s not a big deal, he’s relatively cheap.

Lottrando 1

@SnowedWhy no Trade Routes?

Snowed 186

@Lottrando It probably could replace Peace and Prosperity.

MasterRageCage 1

How do you deal with Karhold which basically stops all power gain for you? It seems there is no answer to it in this deck.

WillRufus 1

I really like the deck and was looking for something similar to play myself. Have you considered putting in a Beric or the newer Selyse to get those attachments cheaper? Apologies if the answer is obvious, I'm new.