Baratheon R'hllor Qohor

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JakeMalone 46

This is my take on a Qohor build for Baratheon. Its not designed to be super competitive, but it does play pretty nicely. The MVP is Selyse - get her out as soon as possible and use her to load up on lots of attachments. Glamour is only in there as a discardable attachment to search for AAR, Seal of the Hand and Ruby. You can also use it to find a hunting accident if you need it and haven't got a two cost R'hllor attachment to burn.

Most of the characters are quite weak, but the multiple strength boosts mean that they can become very powerful extremely quickly.

Possible tweaks would be to swap Blackwater Bay for Red keep, and to lose a couple of attachments or location dupes for some kneel events.

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