Never Let Your Guard Down Against a Snake

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jekill 8

Quick heads up, not gonna do the Roberts rebellion Targaryen theme deck because it's frickin' imposible.

This deck pretty much focuses on giving and taking icons from and to characters, sand snakes play a big rol too. Anyway the agenda leaves pretty clear the deck intentios, to hold as much used plot decks as possible, with core Doran it's gonna be a nightmare for your opponent, just mashup Doran Martell (Core) and The Red Viper (OR) then wait, keep 'em alive and wait until it's the right moment to strike everyone down. Also use Dawn in Edric Dayne, pay 3 gold for all the icons and boom, you get a character that in his maximun will have all three icons and 10 strenght for the simple cost of 5 gold (taking in count Edrics 2 plus the 3 from the icons)

Anyway gotta go, see ya'll next time and be sure to check the Tyrell deck cause it's just beatifull, bye ;)

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Teflononline 1

Unless it is your intention to publish a lot of decks which are illegal for standard play, check the current restricted list.