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scantrell24 3134

First draft.

Trade Routes (instead of FB)

Wildfire Assualt (instead of Valar Morhulis)

Siege Preparations + Summer Sea Port

Desperate Attack + Vengeance for Elia

Fallen from Favor

Venomous Blade

Water Gardens


NikolaP 55

You will need The Prince's Pass here, and while you're at it, Ghaston Grey, cause why not. And then you can consider King's Landing.

Doran is anti-synergistic with agenda, and while I like him, I don't think he is good here. Darkstar (Km) and Maester Caleotte should be better.

I'm not sure about Shadow of the South, feels too expensive. A Pit of Snakes is a card I want to try, perhaps with a couple of non-terminal attachments. Starfall Spy is amazing, and should probably be at 3x.

Cheers and have fun playing!

scantrell24 3134

@NikolaPThanks for the ideas. I overlooked that Doran's faction kneel conflicts with Assault.

Shadow of the South and Pit of Snakes are probably too expensive, but there's only one way to find out so I'll play them for now.