Bara Shadows (with Brotherhood assist)

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Coxatris 15

I used this to win a 10-person game night kit. The deck is about stalling and resetting your opponent until they run out of characters. Try to use your discard effects to remove characters from hand, and try to win Int challenges when possible. Meanwhile this deck is drawing up to three extra cards every turn. Note: I found myself using Red Priest to remove non-character cards due not wanting the opponent to get back characters after a reset. I only took a character if it was an immediate threat that would interrupt my game plan.

The deck struggles against Targ Burn and folds if Targ has Meereen as a restricted. The burn can be pulled out of hand and Daeny can be Milked, but if Meereen hits the board, then you will not be able to outlast them.

As far as changes go: Marched to the Wall never worked out the way I wanted. It was almost always my last plot, and I had to play around marching myself. I found myself wishing I had a few lower cost characters, as the deck started to struggle if I didn't have 6 econ on my 4-gold plots.

Initial Thoughts:

-1 Marched to the Wall

+1 Valar Doharis / Duel / or maybe even False Spring (would have to playtest).

-2 Cortnay Penrose

+2 Vanguard Lancer

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