Clansmen of the sea (FCD winner and CoW top 8 (twic

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Ortos 149

I posted a version of this list after the last Champions of Westeros league, where I just as this time exited against a GJ deck in the top 8 ( However, the deck has changed quite a lot and people seems to find the list interesting so I might as well publish the new version now again! Since the last version was posted I have gone ahead and made another top 8 in the Champions of Westeros league, as well as won the Fear cuts deeper online tournament with it (20p). (We can ignore Varberg morghulis result, where Per put me down as he usually do... )

Two restricted lists and some meta shifts have resulted in a lot of changes since the last published version. The big thing was the introduction of At the gates, that made me increase the character curve in the deck a lot, bringing in Tywin and more Gregors into the mix.

A city besieged has also made a big impact on the deck. Making it easier for me to put a lot of pressure on the opponents board AND hand (attacking the hand is really important for this deck) earlier rounds.

The decks biggest problem at the moment is GJ, and more specific Silence. The deck gains a lot from being the first player, and, just not being able to win initiative early rounds against GJ makes those games a real uphill battle. That's one big reason for the Fortified position inclusion as well. It wins initiative against at the gates and often is a good way to let me get one agenda trigger in tough matchups.

I really enjoy playing this deck, and I think lanni jumpers got a lot going their way now.

Feel free to ask any questions =)


Prevail 1

very nice list!

do you feel like you get enough event shuffling done with just 1 Citadel Archivist? why did you decide to put that many econ locations?

Ortos 149

@PrevailNumber of Citadel Archivist has gone up and down a little, but in most games I really don't need them, that's why they are down at 1 now. By the time I have used up the put events the game is normaly over in one way or another, and I hate seeing 2 archivist early clogging up my hand.

About the econ, the deck flows way way better if i manage to get 3 econs out turn one (setup, at the gates+marshaling). Since I normally want to play A City Besieged turn 2 I need to see econ to get that option. Gold mines is a great card making me able to throw econ away later, and I just love having the stability the 9 limited econ cards gives the deck.

Lannister 455

What about Starks? Rickon, Bran, etc? I can picture A city besieged helps with Winterfell though

Lannister 455

Nice deck btw :)

Ortos 149

@LannisterStark is a very even matchup in my experience. Sure those cards are great against SoB, but, Timett Son of Timett, Treachery and A City Besieged are good against them in return. The matchup depends a lot on if I manage to get pressure up in the beginning, keeping their hand low or if they find all their tools and get the recursion/draw engine going. The 2 claims helps a lot against stark as well, making sacrificing Bran Stark (Core) or Rickon Stark more costly when claim comes around. (especially if i got a treachery on hand)

uBaH 98

Why no Mountains of the Moon? Or just because it is in't pure Clansman there are diminishing returns.

Ortos 149

@uBaHyeah, simply not found it worth it. Compared to a pure clansmen deck I don't jump clansmen in that often, would be to get painted dogs a power icon now that lionstar exists and i Jump them more, have not tried that, but don't think it's worth the spot.