A Man of Humble Birth

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moomanoww 2

So, I've made this deck. It's not quite competitive one, maybe, I don't know, just made it for thematic reason. I really really love Ser Davos Seaworth and I hope I could make a deck with all the baratheon characters around him and also those smugglers. Some might say that if you want to make a pirate deck you should jam the Greyjoy in but I just don't want to (I'm an idiot)

Tried this against my friend's Targaryen-Fealty today, went badly, lose 5-15 in 5 rounds. On the plus side, I'm glad I could stand that long against that hell of a dragon deck with such a tiny STR.

I still didn't tried a lot of the FoTS cards, hope it could step this deck up a bit. Any improvement suggestions is welcome. Thank you in advance.

fixed #1 add Stannis Baratheon, see if he could raise total str a lil bit

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King Nothing 1


Basic questions. Where is your eco and your draw? Cut down to 60 or maybe 61 cards. Put in some eco locations. Cut some attachments and Salladhor and play the new one.

That's are my first thoughts without going deeper I to the cards.