Winter has come. 1st FCGG Qxprzy FP

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Skedarman 124

Just a simple deck I took with me to Fraserpop and the FCGG that did alright, coming first in each. Faced off against a Tully build, Martel Wars, NW Greensight, Greyjoy Bara, Greyjoy LoTC and Stark SoB among others from memory. Karhold is a great card, and Old Nan has some great uses in the deck too. I don't find myself using or relying on Wyman so much and may drop for a ward. I'll usually open with a Winter Reserves unless playing against Martel Wars and I suspect a naval. As for card choice, I was using what remained in my folder. I'm not one to type out long how to's and what not's, so just use your head and plan your moves accordingly and you'll do alright.

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