"Lanni" Dragon Voltron

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scantrell24 3242

First draft at building a Voltron deck with Dragon Skull. Barristan is the primary target, with Pyat Pree as plan B. Yes, this is Lanni only for the Gold Mines. Wise Master, Anguy, Ghost of High Heart, and Hollow Hill also work well with this arrangement, but it might be better to switch to Targ as the main faction for Core Daenerys, Viserys, Dragon Gate, and Meereenese Markets. I plan on exploring both options.

Potential cards:

Exchange of Information

Confiscation / Nothing Burns

Return to the Fields

Forced March

Bestow: Favor from the Crown, Unbridled Generosity, Iron Bank, Cersei's Informer, Fever Dream

Xaro Xoan Daxos

Jon Connington

Daario Naharis

Widow's Wail

Plaza of Pride

Superior Claim

The Iron Bank Will Have It's Due

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